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Revenue Generating Activities


Marketing of ICAO Products and Services


During 2018, over 2.4 million marketing emails were distributed to increase awareness of ICAO products and services related to the Organization’s Strategic Objectives. Eight ICAO events were supported by a new and updated event app deployed in 2018. RPM launched the ICAO Instagram channel accumulating over 5 000 followers in under six months.


The SkyTalk video library continued to grow in 2018. RPM produced 236 livestream videos, 248 hours of video content, from a total of 16 events. These videos have generated 199 000 views and approximately 17 000 hours of watched content. These broadcasts were made on YouTube and delivered via the Uniting Aviation website.


New Products


Three new products were launched in 2018. One of the most successful was the Performance-based Navigation (PBN) Operational Approvals Workshop. Six workshops were held across the ICAO network of Regional Offices, generating over $200 000 in revenue. The World Civil Aviation Report (WCAR), Volume 2, was published in mid-summer 2018 and generated $48 000 in revenue. The Fitness to Fly — A Medical Guide for Pilots publication has resulted in negotiations with an airline who is considering distributing the publication to all its pilots (4 000) and distributing it throughout their fleet through their Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) system.




Member State participation in 2018 Category-4 events increased by 10 per cent compared to 2017 events. The decision to allow free registration to Member States encouraged more State-nominated participants to attend ICAO events, and interface with the latest industry partners.


A greater emphasis was placed on supporting events in Regional Offices in 2018, including through the allocation of increased staff resources.


Publications Sales


A new digital platform for the sale and distribution of ICAO products and services was successfully deployed in 2018. New tools available on the platform will assist in managing and protecting the intellectual property of the Organization.

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