Supporting Strategies — Finances — 2018 Financial Highlights

2018 Financial Highlights


The budget appropriations for 2017-2018-2019 and the financing of the appropriations, as approved by the Assembly, are shown in Table 1:




As shown in Table 2, the final appropriation for 2018 was adjusted to CAD 98 896, as a result of:


  • the carry-over of 2017 appropriations to 2018 for a total of CAD 23 900 (including 2017 commitments of CAD 16 364) in accordance with Financial Regulations 5.6 and 5.7;

  • the transfer between Strategic Objectives or Supporting Implementation Strategies in accordance with Financial Regulation 5.9; and

  • the following adjustments for a total amount of CAD 24 873 to decrease 2018 appropriations and to increase 2019 appropriations:


  • the Outstanding Commitments in the amount of CAD 18 748 in accordance with Financial Regulation 5.7; and

  • the carry-over of 2018 appropriations to 2019 in the amount of CAD 6 125 as per Financial Regulation 5.6.


The actual expenditure for 2018 amounted to CAD 106 694. The exchange gain of CAD 7 798 on expenses is due to the difference in the rate of exchange used to prepare the budget versus the monthly UN rates of exchange applied to expenses during the year. This exchange difference has been allocated to actual expenses in order to restate it to the approved budget exchange rate.





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