Supporting Strategies — Legal and External Relations Services — Determination of the status of an aircraft — Civil/State

Determination of the status of an aircraft — Civil/State


Based on States’ responses to the 2016 questionnaire (State letter LE 4/50 – 16/86) relating to practical problems States are facing due to the classification of “Civil/State aircraft”, the 37th Session of the Legal Committee decided to:


  • note the continued relevance of the opinions and recommendations in the 1993 Secretariat Study on Civil/State Aircraft relative to the issue of the determination of the status of an aircraft as Civil/State, which would be made available to States in a more accessible way;

  • recommend to the Council that States be encouraged to cooperate with each other to address operational issues related to Civil/State aircraft status and/or share best practices for implementation of Article 3 b) of the Chicago Convention, whether through direct consultations or the utilization of appropriate ICAO forums or regional groups; and

  • remove the item “Determination of the Status of an Aircraft – Civil/State” from the General Work Programme of the Legal Committee.
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