Implementation Support — Technical Cooperation and Assistance — Administrative and Operational Services (AOSC) Budget

Administrative and Operations Services (AOSC) Budget


The Technical Cooperation Programme is mainly funded by extra-budgetary resources provided by governments or donors. Administrative charges are levied for the execution of projects on a cost-recovery basis, and revenues raised from these charges are administered through the Technical Cooperation Administrative and Operational Services Cost (AOSC) Fund. The AOSC Fund covers the cost of the administration, operation and support of the Technical Cooperation Programme, including the Technical Cooperation Bureau’s staff costs, general operating expenses and equipment. Regular Programme expenditures for services provided to the Technical Cooperation Programme are also recovered from the AOSC Fund.


The Canadian dollar is the base currency for the budgets and accounts of the proprietary funds of the Organization, including the AOSC Fund. However, funds administered on behalf of third parties, such as those established to manage technical cooperation projects, are recorded in United States dollars.


Annual AOSC surpluses or deficits are the result of the excess or shortfall of income over expenditures for a given year. The accumulated AOSC surplus on 31 December 2018 was CAD 10.9 million. These funds are used to cover possible deficits in programme operations as well as to pay, if necessary, termination indemnities to staff.


Audited results show a surplus of CAD 4.58 million in 2018. The average overhead rate charged amounted to 6.8 per cent.


Detailed information on Technical Cooperation and Technical Assistance projects implemented by ICAO’s Technical Cooperation Bureau in 2018 can be found in the Technical Cooperation Project Summaries section.

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