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Amendment 23 to Annex 9 – Facilitation became applicable in February. The Amendment focuses on Appendix 13 to Annex 9 and is intended to enhance passenger data sharing and efficient responses to a pandemic or large-scale epidemic. By year’s end, 48 States had responded to the State letter on Amendment 23, notifying ICAO of their compliance with or differences to the amended Annex 9.


In November, the Council adopted Amendment 24 to Annex 9. This focuses on facilitating the transport of persons with disabilities and also relates to such issues as the security of the travel document issuance process; inspection of travel documents at airports; utilization of Advance Passenger Information (API) and Passenger Name Record (PNR) data systems; and the procedures relating to the removal of inadmissible persons and deportees.


Guidelines for States’ implementation of PNR system requirements and dissemination of the PNRGOV message were posted on ICAO’s website. Endorsed by ICAO, the WCO and the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the PNRGOV message is a standard electronic format for transmitting PNR data from airlines to States, and is intended to harmonize the use of PNR systems globally, increase the effectiveness of data utilization and enhance both aviation security and facilitation. Additional facilitation documents can be found here.


ICAO joined IATA and WCO in compiling a passenger data toolkit that contains a set of training and awareness materials on API and PNR. The toolkit will be used in the context of a worldwide campaign to promote global standards and guidelines for API and PNR.


The fourth edition of the Guidelines on Advance Passenger Information, published jointly by ICAO, WCO and IATA, was made available. The document aims to help States implement national API programmes as well as promote international harmonization. It incorporates guidance on the Passenger List (PAXLST), a standard electronic message developed specifically to handle passenger manifest transmissions. It features new provisions for addressing aviation security as well as issues related to data protection and “Interactive API” (iAPI), a more advanced method of passenger processing at airports. Both the PNRGOV message and the API guidelines complement relevant Annex 9 SARPs.


A facilitation seminar for States of the NACC Region was held in Mexico in May. The seminar focused on programme priorities as well as issues relating to inadmissible persons and deportees and the establishment of national air transport facilitation programmes. API and PNR data matters were also emphasized.

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