Workshop for the NAM/CAR/SAM Regions on Risk Mitigation in Aviation Due to the Use of 5G Frequency 
Online,  8 November 2022



​Invitation Letter

​Summary of discussions









Potential Safety Concerns due to Interference from 5G to Aeronautical Radio AltimetersPreocupaciones Potenciales de Seguridad Operacional a Radioaltímetros Aeronáuticos debido a Interferencias de 5G, Presented by ICAO.



Mitigation Measures Implemented in the CAR Region due to the Installation of 5G Technology EquipmentMedidas de Mitigación Implementadas en la Región CAR debido a la Instalación de Equipos de Tecnología 5G, Presented by ICAO.



SAM States Actions/Measures / Medidas/Acciones de los Estados SAM,  Presented by ICAO..


​5G Radio Altimeter Interference / Interferencia de 5G al radioaltímetro Presented by Boeing.



Radio Altimeters and 5G C-Band Deployment in the United States,  Presented by United Stats.



​ ​Recording / Grabación


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