​Third ICAO/IATA/CANSO Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) Harmonization, Modernization and Implementation Meeting for the
N​orth American, Caribbean and South American (NAM/CAR/SAM) Regions 

ICAO NACC Regional Office, Mexico City, Mexico, 2 to 6 July 2018


​Invitation Letter​
​Registration Form
​Template for Routes Agreements--​
Template for Assessment of the Publication of Changes Related to the PFA1--​
​Group Photo​ ​
​Final Report

Order of business 

​#​Item​Title​Date​Language ​


​--​Order of Business 1, Presented by the Secretariat29/06/18
​OB/02​--​​Order of Business 2, Presented by the Secretariat03/07/18​
OB/03​​--​Order of Business 3, Presented by the Secretariat04/07/18​
​OB/04--​​Order of Business 4, Presented by the Secretariat​05/07/18​


​#​Item​Title​Date​Language ​


Rev 2

​1​Approval of the Meeting Agenda and Schedule, Presented by the Secretariat27/06/18
​WP/024.2​​Reduction of Longitudinal Separation Between Aircraft in the CAR/SAM Airspace, Presented by Venezuela​26/06/18

Proposals for Amendment of the Caribbean and South American Regions – Air Navigation Plan, Volume II, e-ANP (Doc 8733) (Serial No. NACC 17/02- ATM)

Information Papers 

​#​Item​Title​Date​Language ​
​IP/01​--​List of Working, Information Papers and Presentations, Presented by the Secretariat​29/06/18
I​P/022.3​​Update on the Implementation of PBN in Paramaribo Airspace (disponible únicamente en inglés)​, Presented by Suriname29/06/18​​--
​IP/032.3​​Brazilian Airspace Routing Proposal​, Presented by Brazil29/06/18​
​IP/04​4.1​Operational Conditions in FIR-AZ, Presented by Brazil​29/06/18


​#​Item​Title​Date​Language ​


4.2​GNSS/RNAV Non-Radar Longitudinal Separation in the Caribbean (disponible únicamente en Inglés), Presented by United States29/06/18--​
​P/02​2.3​FAA Briefing to the ICAO/IATA/CANSO PBN Harmonization Meeting (disponible únicamente en Inglés), Presented by United States​29/06/18​--
​P/03​3.1​Free Route Operations / FRTO, Presented by Colombia​03/07/18--​
​P/04​3.1/3.3​Turning Challenges into Opportunities, Presented by IATA04/07/18​--​
​P/05​5​Harmonization of ATS Contingency Plans,  Presented by the Secretariat04/07/18​--​
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