Seventh Eastern Caribbean Network Technical Group (E/CAR/NTG/7)
and Fifth Eastern Caribbean Radar Data Sharing Ad hoc Group (E/CAR/RD/5)

Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis, 17 – 18 October 2016



Invitation Letter
General Information
Registration Form
Group Photo
Final Report

Order of Business

OB/01--Order of Business No. 1, Presented by the Secretariat14/10/16 --
Rev. 2
Order of Business No. 2, Presented by the Secretariat 
18/10/16 --

Working Papers

WP/011Approval of Meeting Agenda, Work Method and Schedule, Presented by the NTG Rapporteur07/09/16 --
WP/022.1Follow-Up to Valid Conclusions and Decisions of the E/CAR/NTG-RDS Meetings, Presented by the NTG Rapporteur10/10/16 --
WP/032.2Review of Actions Concerning the Second Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Technical Group (E/CAR/CATG/02) Meeting, the Twenty-Sixth Meeting of Directors of Civil Aviation of the Eastern Caribbean (E/CAR/DCA/26) and NACC/DCA/6 Meeting Related to the E/CAR Aeronautical Fixed Service (AFS) Network, Presented by the Secretariat10/10/16 --

2.3Review of Actions to Support ANI/WG and NACC/WG Valid Conclusions Related to the E/CAR Aeronautical Fixed Service (AFS) Network, Presented by the Secretariat17/10/16 --
WP/063.1Network Performance and General Aspects, Presented by ECCAA13/10/16 --
WP/073.1Network Performance and General Aspects Presented by France11/10/16 --
WP/083.1Network Performance Analysis and General Aspects, Presented by Trinidad and Tobago13/10/16 --
WP/093.2Update on E/CAR AFS Network Interconnection to the MEVA Network, Presented by United States09/10/16 --

4.1Update of Letters of Agreements for Sharing Surveillance Data, Presented by E/CAR/NTG Rapporteur 14/10/16 --
WP/114.2Update to Surveillance Sharing Activities – Guyana and Venezuela, Presented by Trinidad and Tobago13/10/16 --
WP/124.2Surveillance Sharing Update, Presented by the E/CAR/NTG Rapporteur14/10/16 --
WP/134.2Surveillance Sharing Update: Antigua, Presented by Antigua and Barbuda17/10/16 --
WP/144.3ADS‐C and ADS‐B/MLAT Developments, Presented by the SNA/AG, France06/10/16 --
WP/154.3ADS-C and ADS-B/MLAT Developments, Presented by Trinidad and Tobago10/10/16 --
WP/207Implementation of the ICAO NACC Regional Office No Country Left Behind (NCLB) Strategy, Presented by the Secretariat11/10/16 --

Information Papers

IIP/013.1List of Working, Information Papers and Presentations, Presented by the Secretariat1010/16 --


3.1Network Performance analysis and general aspects, Presented by Trinidad and Tobago17/10/16 --
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