Regional and National Air Navigation Performance Framework/Aviation System Block Upgrade (ASBU)  Implementation Workshop for the NAM/CAR Regions

Mexico City, Mexico, 22 – 26 August 2016



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Final Summary of Discussions
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P/011Introduction and workshop objectives, Presented by the Secretariat22/08/16 --
P/021 Global Air Navigation Plan and the Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBUs)Presented by the Secretariat20/08/16 --
P/031 Regional electronic Air Navigation Plan (e-ANP)Presented by the Secretariat20/08/16
P/04, 05,06,07,081 Performancebased Decisionmaking MethodPresented by the Secretariat20/08/16 --
P/092 ASBU Block 0 Modules - An analysisPresented by the Secretariat20/08/16 --
P/102Airlines Requirements “Obtaining Operational Improvements”, Presented by IATA19/08/16 --
P/112RTCA – A Partnership for progress in Mexico, Presented by RTCA12/08/16 --
P/122Air Navigation Services Planning, Presented by Canada19/08/16 --
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2Charting the Future -- The Air Navigation System Plan, Presented by Canada19/08/16 --
P/132 Federal Aviation Administration: ASBU Deployment Status, Presented by United States19/08/16 --
P/142Regional Air Navigation Priorities, Presented by the Secretariat16/08/16 --
P/152NACC/DCA/06 — WP/14: ASBU Implementation on the NACC Region, Presented by the RPBANIP Ad Hoc Group Rapporteur23/08/16
P/163Monitoring/Report of implementation ANRF/Dashboards, Presented by the Secretariat18/08/19 --
P/173Making the World a better place to live, Presented by IATA19/08/16 --
P/183 Discussion on National Air Navigation PlanPresented by United States20/08/16 --
Att A
3Attachment A , Presented by United States24/08/16 --
Att B
3Attachment B - ASBU Block 0 ANRF Templates, Presented by United States24/08/16 --
P/193Implementación de los Objetivos Nacionales de Performance y de los Módulos de la Metodología ASBU en la República de Cuba, Presented by Cuba10/08/16--
P/203Air Navigation Services National Plan, Presented by Dominican Republic17/08/16 --
P/213National Performance Objectives and ASBU elements Implementation in Costa Rica
, Presented by Costa Rica
P/223 Presentación COCESNA, Presented by COCESNA20/08/16--
P/233You and ASBU, Presented by CANSO23/08/16 --
P/243 No Country Left Behind – NACC Strategy, Presented by the Secretariat20/08/16 --
P/255 B0 to B1, Presented by the Secretariat 20/08/16 --
P/263Haiti Air Navigation Plan, Presented by Haiti22/08/16 --
P/275ASBU B0 ANRF Exercise, Presented by United States26/08/16 --

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