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The GANP is the strategy to achieve a global interoperable air navigation system, for all users during all phases of flight, that meets agreed levels of safety, provides for optimum economic operations, is environmentally sustainable and meets national security requirements. The GANP is being evolved​ to serve as a worldwide reference to transform the air navigation system in an evolutionary manner so that no State or Stakeholder is left behind.




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In the following tabs you will be able to find the current resources of the GANP which comprise:

- ​The Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP)
High Level Guidance
- ​The vision for an integrated, harmonized and globally interoperable air navigation system
- The air navigation system high-level requirements derived from the concept above to realize the vision
- A description of the operational improvements in the ASBU framework
-​ A quiz to assess your knowledge in the ASBU framework
​- Guidance on how to implement a performance management process to plan the implementation of air navigation operational improvements
​- A catalogue of potential key performance indicators to assess the level of performance of the air navigation system
���- Economic guidance to support the implementation of the Aviation System Block Upgrades, including guidance on how to perform a cost benefit analysis. ​
​- ICAO’s documentation and provisions in support of the ASBU framework​
Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP)
​Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP) - 2016 Edition (Full)
​Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP) - 2016 Edition (Web)
Previous editions of the GANP
​Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) Document - 2016 Edition​​
(Updated July 2016)
​Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) Document - 2013 Edition​​
Performance-Based Approach
Manual on Global Performance of the Air Navigation System (Doc 9883)
Potential Key Performance Indicators Documentation
ASBU Implementation and MDWG Reports

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 Avation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) Document (2013)
Previous editions of the GANP
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