Remote ID Number Registration

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The International Remote ID Standard allows governmental and civil identification of UAS for safety, security, and compliance purposes. The objective is to increase UAS remote pilot accountability by removing anonymity while preserving operational privacy for remote pilots, businesses, and their customers.

Two number lists within the Remote ID (F3411-22a) specification are:

  1. Specific Session ID Types
  2. Specific Authentication Methods 

The fields Specific Session ID Type and Specific Authentication Method Type both require a 1-byte unique identifier (1-224) 0 and 225-255 are reserved. The method chosen to ensure the identifier is unique is to use a registry service to register any new types created. Since the available IDs are somewhat of a scarce resource, this standard adopts a number management strategy following the Internet Address Naming Authority (IANA) "Specification Required" method as outlined in IETF RFC 812614, Sec 4.6. 

When requesting a number, the following requirements must be met:

  • A specification with a publicly available website URL must exist and all fields in the request form below must be filled.
  • The proposed specification must not duplicate an existing method or type.
  • The specification must meet the intent of the field being applied in the ASTM F3411-22a specification.
  • The request must use the number allocation system efficiently and numbers shall not be accumulated or stock-piled without an intention to be used.

Important Notes:

  • Primary Contact Full name and Primary Contact email will not be disclosed to the general public.
  • A non-personal email should be used for the Support E-mail field, otherwise, the request will be denied.
  • An auto-generated email containing the [Primary Contact E-mail] and [Primary Contact Full Name] will be sent to the ICAO Global Interoperable Systems Section for the sole purpose of contacting the requester if necessary to resolve issues with the request but will be automatically deleted after 30 days. Use of identifying information is governed by the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for this website.

  • Request Specific Session ID Type, please click here .
  • Request Specific Authentication Method (SAM) ID, please click here.

In order to request an update/maintenance of the Specific Session ID Type ID and SAM ID, please contact us by sending a message to  

Once the request is received, it will be reviewed and confirmed that it meets the requirements stated above. Once the request is approved, the disposition (and number assignment as appropriate) will be sent to the Primary Contact E-mail Address and the registration table will be updated. The estimated time for processing a request is 4 weeks, although processing may be much sooner.

Please click the following links to download lists of existing assigned numbers in Excel format:
1. Specific Session ID Types
2. Specific Authentication Methods

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