Integrated Single Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) 
Quality Management System (QMS) and Flight Planning Issues and Plans for AIM Transition Meeting/Workshop (QMS, FPL, AIM)
St. John´s, Antigua and Barbuda, 14 to 18 March 2016




​Invitation Letter
​Registration Form​--
​Final Report​--


​#​Item​Title​Date​Language ​
​P/01​--​Information Management – The next stage, Presented by the Secretariat​14/03/16​--
​P/02​ ​-- ​No Country Left Behind (NCLB) An ICAO Commitment, Presented by the Secretariat​14/03/16​--
​P/03​ ​-- ​Non-Conformity, Corrective and Preventive Actions, Presented by Trinidad and Tobago​ ​​14/03/16​--
​P/04​ ​-- ​Quality Management and ISO 9001 Standard, Presented by Trinidad and Tobago​​14/03/16​--
​P/05​ ​-- ​E/CAR AIM Single Quality Management System (QMS), Presented by Trinidad and Tobago​​14/03/16​--
P/06​​--​Document Control), Presented by Trinidad and Tobago14/03/16​​--
P/07​​--​Control of Records), Presented by Trinidad and Tobago​14/03/16​--

Other Documentation (Provided by Trinidad and Tobago)

​#​Item​Title​Date​Language ​
​----​​Corrective – Preventive Action Request​--​--
​--​--​Corrective – Preventive Action Form Benefits​-- ​--
​--​--​ISO 9001: 2015 Overview and Comparison​-- ​--
​-- ​ ​-- ​QMS Principles​--​--
​--​--​Quality Management Systems Guide​--​--
​----​​Diagram of ISO 9001 Implementation Process​-- ​--



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