Meeting to enhance State Coordination between MET, AIM, and ATM fields

Mexico City, Mexico, 26 – 28 July 2016 


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​Provisional Programme, Revised 27/07/16
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Summary of Discussions, Presented by the Secretariat, 15/08/16

 Order of Business 

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​--​Order of Business No. 1, Presented by the Secretariat26/07/16​


​--​Order of Business No. 2, Presented by the Secretariat​27/07/16



​--​Order of Business No. 3, Presented by the Secretariat28/07/16​​



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​P/01​--​ATS Contingency Planning & Emergency Response Plan, Presented by the Secretariat22/07/16​


​-- Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) ,Presented by the Secretariat​22/07/16


​--​Contingency Procedures on Volcanic Ash in the Air Traffic Management (ATM), Presented by the Secretariat21/07/16​​


​--​ATM MET AIM Coordination - main topics, Presented by the Secretariat27/07/16​​ ​--


​--​AIM/MET/ATM Coordination Meeting / Reunión de Coordinación AIM/MET/ATM, Presented by the Secretariat25/07/16​​



​SIGMET Information in the ATM-MET-AIM Coordination, Presented by the Secretariat

SIGMET Survey Results, Presented by the Secretariat







​--​PIARCO Flight Information Region (FIR), Presented by Trinidad and Tobago​01/07/16


​--​Coordinación entre las Áreas AIM, ATM y MET en la emisión de ASHTAM en la FIR México, Presented by México (SENEAM)​06/07/16​--


​--​Setting the Stage, Presented by United States​20/07/16​--


​--​ATCSCC Hurricane Briefing, Presented by United States​20/07/16 --​


--​​AIS Modernization Approach, Presented by United States​20/07/16 ​--


​--​SWIM Briefing, Presented by United States​20/07/16​--


​--​Servicio Meteorológico Nacional, Presented by Guatemala22/07/16​​--​​


--​​​U.S. Aviation Meteorology, Presented by United States26/07/16​​--


​--​Mapas de Mitigación de Riesgos en Aviación por Presencia de Ceniza Volcánica, Presented by the IPN​25/07/16--​


​--​Factores contribuyentes en los accidentes de aviación, Presented by  the Secretariat​26/07/16​--


--​​​IFALPA Position, Presented by IFALPA28/07/16​--​


​--​Flight Operations in low Visibility Conditions,  Presented by  the Secretariat27/07/16​​


​--​COCESNA Point of View, Presented by COCESNA​27/07/16--​


​--​W-SACC, Sistema de Apoyo al Centro de Control, Presented by COCESNA​27/07/16​--

 Other Documentation 

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A39 WP/31​--Report on the Outcomes of the Second High-Level Safety Conference (HLSC) 2015, Presented by the Secretariat13/06/16​


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