First MEVA III-REDDIG II Interconnection Coordination Meeting
Oranjestad, Aruba, 25 to 26 May 2015


Invitation Letter
​Group Photo ​--
​Order of Business No. 1 -  Monday 25 May 2015 ​--
​Order of Business No. 2 -  Tuesday 26 May 2015 ​--
Final  Report ​--

Working Papers  

WP/01​1​Approval of Meeting Agenda, Work Method and Schedule  - Presented by the Secretariat​21/04/15
WP/02​2​MEVA  III Overview - Presented by  COMSOFT​19/05/15
WP/03​2​REDDIG II network overview - Presented by the Secretariat​20/05/15
WP/04​3​Overview of the MEVA – REDDIG Interconnection Coordination - Presented by the Secretariat​15/05/15
​​WP/05​ 4​Analysis to the Performance of the MEVA / REDDIG Interconnection  - Presented by the Secretariat​19/05/15
​WP/06​5​Review and Update of MEVA – REDDIG Interconnection and Integration Agreements - Presented by the MEVA Task Force Rapporteur​14/05/15
​​WP/07​4​New Circuit requirements for MEVA III/ REDDIG II Interconnection  - Presented by the Secretariat​19/05/15
​WP/08​5​Review and update of the interconnection Agreement COCESNA - REDDIG - Presented by  COCESNA​20/05/15

 Information Papers 

​IP/01​---​List of Working and Information Papers - Presented by the Secretariat​21/05/15


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