​Twenty-ninth MEVA Technical Management Group Meeting (MEVA/TMG/29)

Mexico City, Mexico, 9 to 12 December 2014

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Order of Business

​Tuesday 9 December 2014   OB/01 Presented by the Secretariat
​Wednesday 10 December 2014 OB/02 Presented by the Secretariat
Thursday 11 December 2014 OB/03 Presented by the Secretariat
​Friday12 December 2014 OB/04 Presented by the Secretariat

Working Papers

WP/01 ​1 ​Provisional Agenda, Work Method and Schedule of the Twenty-ninth MEVA Technical Management Group Meeting (MEVA/TMG/29) Presented by the Secretariat ​19/11/14
​WP/02 2​ ​Review of previous valid TMG Conclusions Presented by MEVA TMG Coordinator 01/12/14
​WP/03 ​3.1 ​MEVA Network Performance and Maintenance: 05/2014-12/2014 – Transition Issues Presented by SES 04/12/12
​WP/04 ​3.2 ​Review of Pending Maintenance Issues Presented by COCESNA 04/12/14
​WP/05 4.1​​ ​MEVA III Task Force Report Presented by MEVA III Task Force Rapporteur 04/12/14
​WP/06 4.1​​ ​MEVA III – Additional Circuits Consideration   Presented by MEVA III Task Force Ad hoc Group 04/12/14
​WP/07 4.2​​ ​MEVA III Documentation Review and Approval Presented by MEVA III Task Force Rapporteur 07/12/14
​WP/08 ​4.2 ​MEVA III Website- Trouble Ticket Mechanism Presented by Jamaica 02/12/14
​WP/09 ​4.3 ​MEVA III - REDDIG II Interconnection: documentation Presented by MEVA III Task Force Rapporteur 07/12/14
​WP/10 ​4.3 ​MEVA -REDDIG Interconnection: Review of Procedures and Agreements Presented by the Secretariat ​19/11/14
​WP/11 ​4.3 ​MEVA - E/CAR AFS Network Interconnection Presented by the Secretariat ​19/11/14






​COMSOFT Presentation for MEVA III TMG/29 Presented by COMSOFT 10/12/14
​WP/15 ​5 ​The ICAO Position for the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) World Radiocommunication Conference (2015) (WRC 15) and State support requested Presented by the Secretariat ​19/11/14
​WP/16 6​​ ​Review of MEVA/TMG Terms of Reference (ToRs) and Work Programme Presented by MEVA TMG Coordinator 08/12/14
​WP/17 ​7.1 ​Aviation System Block Upgrade (ASBU) Implementation for inclusion in MEVA/TMG activities Presented by the Secretariat ​19/11/14
​WP/18 ​7.2 ​MEVA III Go-Teams: Supporting Tool from the ICAO Technical Cooperation Project (RLA/09/801) – Implementation of Performance-Based Air Navigation Systems for the CAR Region Presented by the Secretariat ​19/11/14
​WP/19 ​7.3 ​Future MEVA/TMG Meetings Presented by the Secretariat ​01/12/14
​WP/20 ​4.1 ​MEVAII Voice Switched Circuits Statistics Tendency Study Presented by Cuba ​19/11/14
WP/21 ​5 ​Coordination and Notification of Earth Stations in C band in order to be recorded in the ITU Master Register (MIFR) Presented by Radiocommunication Bureau, ITU 02/12/14
​WP/22 ​4.2 ​MEVA III Testing Presented by Federal Aviaiton Administration 04/12/14


Information Papers 

​# ​Item ​Title ​Date ​Language
IP/01 ​---- ​List of Working and Information Papers   Presented by the Secretariat





​# ​Item ​Title ​Date ​Language
​P/01 ​4.5 ​MEVA III Implementation   Presented by COMSOFT ​11/12/14
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