Third MEVA III Task Force Meeting (MEVA III TF/3)

Mexico City, Mexico, 6 to 9 October 2014



​Invitation Letter
​Registration Form
​Group Photo
​Final Report



 Working Papers

​# ​Item ​Title ​Date ​Language
​WP/01 ​1 ​Provisional Agenda and Schedule (Presented by the Secretariat) ​01/09/14
WP/02 ​2 ​Follow-up to MEVA III TF assigned tasks and Conclusions (Presented by MEVA III Task Force Rapporteur) ​03/10/14
​WP/03 ​3 ​ MEVA III Deliverables and Approval Process (Presented by MEVA III  Task Force Rapporteur) ​29/09/14
​WP/04 ​3 ​Evaluation of MEVA III Deliverables (Presented by MEVA III  Task Force Rapporteur) ​30/09/14
WP/05​ ​4 ​Future Work of MEVA III TF in Support of TMG  (Presented by MEVA TF Lead) 02/10/14​


 Information Papers 

​# ​Item ​Title ​Date ​Language
​IP/01 ​--- ​List of Working and Information Papers (Presented by the Secretariat) ​03/10/14


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