Sixth Regional Aviation Safety Group – Pan America (RASG-PA/6) Meeting    

San José, Costa Rica, 27 to 28 June 2013



Final Report

Order of Business

# Item Title Date Language
OB/01 -- Order of Business No. 1 (Secretariat) 27/06/13
OB/02 -- Order of Business No. 2 (Secretariat) 28/06/13

Working Papers

# Item Title Date Language
WP/01 1 Draft Agenda, Working Method and Schedule of the RASG-PA/06 Annual Plenary Meeting (Secretariat) 13/06/13 Rev.
WP/02 2 Regional Aviation Safety Group – Pan America (RASG-PA) Activities (Secretariat)  05/06/13
WP/03 2 Review of Conclusions and Decisions from RASG-PA/05 Meeting and RASG-PA ESC/15 and ESC/16 Meetings (Secretariat)  29/04/13
WP/04 3.1 PA-RAST Report, (Secretariat)  04/06/13
WP/05 3.2 RASG-PA Annual Safety Report (ASR) (Secretariat)  05/06/13
WP/06 3.3 Report of  2012-13 Activities (Secretariat)  04/06/13
WP/07 4.1 Legal Framework Seminar for the Protection of Safety Information Sources, (Secretariat)  26/04/13
WP/08 4.2 Central America Regional Accident Investigation Group, (Secretariat)  27/06/13 Rev.
WP/09 4.3 Report on the FOQA Sharing Information Programme (PASO) (COCESNA/ACSA)  18/06/13
WP/10 4.4 ICAO Standard Phraseology in Accordance with PANS-ATM (ALTA) 26/06/13 Rev.
WP/11 5.2 Establishment of Runway Safety Teams (RST) (Secretariat)  04/06/13
WP/12 6 Updated RASG-PA Work Programme for 2013 (Secretariat)  12/06/13
WP/13 7.1 2014 RASG-PA/7 Meeting (Secretariat)  13/06/13
WP/14 7 The New ICAO Annex 19 - A Safety Management Strategic Approach (Secretariat)  27/06/13 Rev.
WP/15 7 The ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme (USOAP) - Continuous Monitoring Approach (CMA) (Secretariat)  04/06/13
WP/16 7 Advancing Global Aviation Safety Through Global Safety Partnerships (Available only in English) (United States) 21/06/13

Information Papers

#ItemTitleDate Language
IP/01 -- List of Working and Information Papers (Secretariat) 27/06/13 Rev.
IP/02 5.1 IP/02 Cost/Benefit Study to Mitigate Runway Excursions 02/05/13 (ALTA) 02/05/13
IP/03 4.5 Bird Strike Risk Reduction Programme, (Disponible únicamente en English) (ALTA/IATA) 21/06/13
IP/04 5.3 PIRG-RASG Global Coordination Meeting (Secretariat) 05/05/13
IP/05 7 Publication of ICAO Documents: Doc 9365 - Manual Of All-Weather Operations -Third Edition and Doc 9976 - Flight Planning And Fuel Management Manual (Secretariat)  04/06/13
IP/06 7 Strengthening Safety Oversight Capabilities Through a Regional Safety Oversight Organization (RSOO) (Secretariat) 04/06/13
IP/07 7 A Comprehensive Strategy for Aviation Safety: Revised Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP) (Secretariat) 04/06/13
IP/08 4.1 Consideration of Model Framework for the Protection of Safety Information Sources (Disponible únicamente en English) (United States) 21/06/13





#ItemTitleDate Language
1 -- Overview RASG-PA, (ICAO) 27/06/13
2 -- UK CAA State Safety Programme, (United Kingdom) 28/06/13
3 -- FinCANSO key tips for pilots and air traffic controllers Link: http://cansosafety.com/(CANSO) 27/06/13


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