ICAO/CANSO – Regional Workshop on Airspace Concept Redesign and Operational

 Approval of Performance-Based-Navigation (PBN) 

Navigation Services for Mexican Airspace (SENEAM), Mexico City, Mexico , 25 to 29 November 2013





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P/01 PBN Implementation Project - Victor Hernández, ICAO 25/11/13
P/02 PBN Operational Approval Process - Lucca Zuccarini, Airbus 25/11/13
P/03 PBN Airspace Concept Redesign - Victor Hernández, ICAO 25/11/13
P/04 Designing STARs & SIDs with CDO & CCO criteria - Lucca Zuccarini, Airbus 25/11/13
P/05 State presentation - Julio César de Souza Pereira, Brazil 25/11/13
P/06 Navigation specification & TMA Redesign - Victor Hernández, ICAO 26/11/13
P/07 Performance based Navigation Solutions - Emilio Adonay, El Salvador 26/11/13
P/08 PBN Operational Concept and Implementation in Mexico - José Gil Jiménez, Mexico 26/11/13
P/09 PBN Implementation Process for El Salvador - Emilio Adonay, El Salvador 26/11/13
P/10 Airspace Design - Raúl Martínez, ICAO 27/11/13
P/11 RNAV San Jose Project - Andrés J. Rodríguez, Costa Rica 27/11/13
P/12 Stakeholders collaboration to ensure the global sustainability of aviation - Riaaz Mohammed, Trinidad and Tobago 27/11/13
P/13 Navigation Charts-- Enio Pantaleón, Guatemala 28/11/13
P/14 Performance-Based Navigation - Marco Vidal, IATA 28/11/13
P/15 ATS Safety Management - Victor Hernández, ICAO 28/11/13
P/16 Belize PBN Roadmap Advance - Gilberto Torres, Belize 28/11/13
P/17 Flight Operational Safety Assesments (FOSA) - Victor Hernández, ICAO 28/11/13
P/18 Airspace Concept Redesign and Operational Approval Workshop 28/11/13
P/19 PBN Training for Air Traffic Controllers - Victor Hernández, ICAO 29/11/13
P/20 PBN Airspace Concept Workshop - Activities 1 2 3 29/11/13
P/21 PBN Airspace Concept Workshop – Case of Study 29/11/13
P/22 PBN Airspace Concept Workshop - Reference scenario 29/11/13

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