Regional Seminar on Aviation Security - AVSEC/SEM and Second Meeting of the Aviation Security and Faciltation Regional Group - AVSEC/FAL/RG

​Antigua and Barbuda
14 to 18 May 2012



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​General Information

AVSEC/SEM Programme (bilingual)


Seminar Conclusions


​Final Report







​Number ​Item ​Title
​WP/01 ​1 ​Draft Agenda and Schedule of the Second Meeting of the Aviation Security and Facilitation Regional Group
​WP/02 ​2.1 ​Status of the Conclusions of the AVSEC/FAL/RG/1 Meeting
​WP/03 ​2.2 ​CAC FAL/AVSEC Decisions Harmonization and Consolidation
​WP/04 ​3.1 ​Aviation Security Regional Conference Held in Caracas, Venezuela, 7-8 February 2012
​WP/05 ​3.2 ​Key Policy Developments and Initiatives of the ICAO Aviation Security Programme
​WP/06 ​3.3 ​Facilitation Programme Developments
​WP/07 ​4.1 ​Methodology for Application of Quality Control Effective Tools
​WP/08 ​4.2 ​Review on the Progress of the Communications Information Exchange Project
​WP/09 ​4.3 ​Manual on Threat Assessment and Risk Management Methodology and Risk Matrix
​WP/10 ​6.1 ​Cargo National Programme Project
​WP/11 ​5.1 ​MRTD Cooperation Policy
​WP/12 ​5.2 ​Report on Handling of Persons with Disabilities Project
​WP/13 ​6.2 ​Model Project for AVSEC/FAL Equipment Acquisition
​WP/14 ​7.1.1 ​Certification
​WP/15 ​5.2 ​Manual for Handling Passengers with Disabilities
​WP/16 ​7.2 ​Report on the Activities of the Implementation Support and Development-Security (ISD-SEC) Programme
​WP/17 ​7.3 ​Coordination Mechanisms for Assistance Activities
​WP/18 ​2.1 ​Conclusions of ICAO/LACAC Regional Facilitation Seminar/Workshop
​WP/19 ​1.2 ​Principles of Quality Control on AVSEC Instructors





​Number ​Item ​Title
IP/01​ -- List of Working and Information Papers ​
​IP/02 ​6.1 Secure Freight Expansion and Capacity Building Assistance​
​IP/03 ​8 ​Terms of Reference and Work Programme of the Aviation Security and Facilitation Regional Group





Number​ ​Item ​Title
P1-1​ ​--

Global Updates AVSEC Panel HLCAS​

​P1-2 --​ ​AVSEC Regional Updates Overview
​P1-3 --​ Update on Technical Assistance and Aviation Security Training​
​P1-4 --​ ​The Threat from Within
P1-5​ --​ Medidas de seguridad sostenibles - pasajeros y equipaje de transbordo​
P1-6​ --​ Aviation Security Challenges and Progress ​
P1-7​ --​ Risk Based Approach to Passenger Screening​
​P2-1 --​ ICAO Cooperative Arrangement for the Prevention of Spread of Communicable Disease Through Air Travel (CAPSCA)​
​P2-2 ​-- ​TSA’s Risk-Based Security Initiatives
P2-3​ --​ ​Seguridad de la carga
P2-4​ ​-- ​An Air Cargo Supply Chain Security Solution
​P2-5 ​-- ​ Subprogramme on Evidence of Identity
​P2-6 --​ Offic​e of Security Capabilities Overview
P2-7​ --​ Aviation Security Training ICAO NAM/CAR/SAM Regions​
P2-8​ --​ The Inter-American Committee Against Terrorism​
​P2-9 --​ ​Ciberterrorismo en la aviación civil






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