ICAO Asia and Pacific Office, Bangkok

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a specialized agency of UN was created as an outcome of a Convention signed by 52 States at the International Civil Aviation Conference held in Chicago in November 1944.  The Organization has developed into a global forum for civil aviation and it is working to achieve its vision of safe, secure and sustainable development of civil aviation through cooperation amongst its member States.  

To facilitate the planning and implementation of ground services and facilities essential for international air transport operations, the world has been divided into seven regions.  Asia and Pacific Office, to which 37 States of Asia and Pacific Region are accredited was established in 1948 at Melbourne, Australia and subsequently it moved to Bangkok, when ICAO Council accepted the invitation of Kingdom of Thailand on 28 October 1952 for its relocation. 

After spending a short time in ‘Sala Santitham’ and a transit accommodation, the office moved to its present location in June 1989. The land and the complete infrastructure, from which this office operates have been provided and is being maintained by Royal Thai Government. 
​Almora House, Melbourne  ​Secretariat Building, Bangkok
Primary role of the Asia and Pacific Office is to foster implementation by States of the global ICAO Standards as well as organization’s Regional Air Navigation Plan, in order to provide for the safety, security and efficiency of the Asia and Pacific region air transport network.  These measures include
  • Promoting and monitoring the implementation of the Global Air Navigation Plan,
  • Providing assistance to States in building capacity
  • Identifying deficiency and providing assistance for corrective actions
  • Coordination with other ICAO Regions to ensure harmonized implementation of standards, programmes and technologies
  • Channeling feedback from States to ensure the ongoing improvement of ICAO provisions


To commemorate 60th Anniversary of its establishment, ICAO Asia and Pacific Office is organizing a photograph exhibition on 13 and 14 July 2009 in its office premises, depicting sixty years of progress of civil aviation in the region.  

A seminar on the theme ‘Socio-Economic Dynamics of Civil Aviation in Asia Pacific Region’ is being organized on 14 July 2009 in the Kotaite Wing, ICAO Asia Pacific Office.  The seminar will be addressed by the leading experts from States and from International Organizations.

Participants from the States, Diplomatic Missions based in Bangkok, UN organizations, leading academic institutions and aviation related industries have been invited to attend the seminar.
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