At the request of the Haiti Government and the ICAO Council, the ICAO NACC Regional Office has been leading and coordinating civil aviation assistance provided to Haiti following the earthquake of January 2010.  ICAO coordinated the implementation of the ATS contingency plan; conducted an assessmentof the condition of the aviation system, facilities and services; prepared a prioritized action plan; established a technical cooperation mechanism with an agreement between ICAO and Haiti; and created the Civil Aviation Steering Commitee (CASC) for potential donor States, Organizations, and projects.


Two umbrella ICAO Technical Cooperation projects have been developed; the Post-2010 Haiti Earthquake Reconstruction and Modernization of the Air Navigation Infrastructure, Improving Services and Strengthening the Civil Aviation Authority for the Office National de l'Aviation Civile (OFNAC) and of the Port-au-Prince Toussaint L'Ouverture International Airport for the Autorité Aéroportuaire Nationale (AAN).


Under this mechanism, the World Bank has approved for ICAO to contract consultants for the Haiti Civil Aviation Sector Infrastructure and Institution Emergency Recovery Grant Project.


For further information on the Haiti Civil Aviation Steering Committee (Haiti CASC) you may contact us at:  Haiticasc@icao.int


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