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2020 Pre-Seminar Remote Training on the CORSIA Central Registry

Dates:6, 7, 8, 14 and 15 April 2020
Location:Online (please refer to the individual training session pages below)

Taking into account the postponement of the 2020 CORSIA Regional Seminars and the need to provide initial information to CORSIA Focal Points on the CORSIA Central Registry (CCR), the ICAO Secretariat organized remote (online) training sessions in April 2020.

These sessions were not a replacement of the 2020 CORSIA Regional Seminars, but offered the opportunity for CORSIA Focal Points to familiarize themselves with the main functionalities of the CCR, and facilitate a productive face-to-face training during the Seminars when they happen later in 2020.

The dates and time for the five remote CCR training sessions are shown below. Click on the links below for the schedule of each session and access to the recorded segments.

ICAO Region (Seminar City)Local Time (Seminar City)

DateStart time
SAM/NACC (Santo Domingo)06-Apr10:00
MID (Cairo)07-Apr12:00
ESAF/WACAF (Nairobi)08-Apr15:00
APAC (Denpasar)14-Apr09:00
EUR/NAT (Athens)


Click on the links below to download a pdf version of the presentations delivered during the training sessions.

Segment 1:

Welcome and objectives

Introduction to the CCR

Demonstration of the CCR

Segment 2:

Demonstration of how to report CO2 emissions

Demonstration of Service Request

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