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Civil Aviation Legal Advisers Exchange (CALEx)


The Civil Aviation Legal Advisers Exchange (CALEx) continued to provide a virtual platform for legal advisers to share and exchange on legal issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic and other matters of interest, in lieu of the convening of the Civil Aviation Legal Advisers Forum (CALAF). Apart from COVID-19 developments, including transport of vaccines, digital vaccine certificates, travel passes and mental health, the exchanges covered ICAO developments (such as the High-level Conference on COVID-19), the legal aspects of unmanned aircraft operations, and other aviation safety-related issues. The CALEx also looked at other international law developments including climate change-related legal developments. The CALEx group also welcomed and met Mr. Michael Gill, the new Director of LEB, in a virtual “In-Conversation” session on 21 October 2021. The group ended the year with a virtual session on 21 December 2021, in which the Director of LEB and Chairperson of the ICAO Legal Committee updated on the work of LEB and the various working groups of the Legal Committee, as well as the planned 38th Session of the Legal Committee. The participants shared reflections and lessons learned in 2021, a year that had been just as challenging as the previous one.

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