Supporting Strategies — Language Services — Language Services Management System (LSMS) project

Language Services Management System (LSMS) project


Under the Language Services Management Systems (LSMS) Project, which aims to streamline and integrate document management/document production functions across the Organization, the analysis of operational requirements was completed, with more than 57 active users interviewed. The finalization and validation of the terms of reference is under way and stakeholders’ responses will be analysed by mid-2019. Subsequently, a decision will be made whether to upgrade the current EDEN system or to customize a new system to meet the Organization’s requirements.


The recent upgrade of MultiTrans — ICAO’s computer-assisted translation and terminology (CAT) tool — as part of the LSMS Project resulted in an enhanced memory, automated alignment of legacy texts, higher speed, thereby increasing efficiency. In 2018, 57 users were trained on all relevant MultiTrans modules, with a view to increasing usage of the CAT tool and, ultimately, enhancing translation consistency and terminology uniformity across ICAO documents and publications.

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