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Voluntary Support of ICAO's Work


The continued voluntary contributions to the AVSEC Fund from States, including Canada, Chile, China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, United Kingdom and the United States, allowed the provision of assistance under the ICAO Aviation Security Assistance and Capacity-Building Strategy. The voluntary funds have been used to deliver targeted assistance to States, conduct needs assessments, implement Aviation Security Improvement Plans (ASIPs), and provide fellowships for State participation in regional workshops and training events. The voluntary funds were also used to update ICAO’s aviation security training and assistance materials and to fund staff positions to deliver capacity-building support to Member States. Secondments in the areas of aviation security and facilitation were provided by China (1), European Union (1), France (3), Japan (1), Saudi Arabia (1)and the United States (3).


The Dominican Republic contributed to the Voluntary Air Transport Fund in 2014. ICAO continued raising awareness of its objectives among States and other donors. A new project proposal “Gender Equality In The Global Air Transport Sector” was added to the list of existing proposals to broaden the portfolio of the Fund.

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