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Electronic Regional Air Navigation Plan (eANP)


The Council, during its 202nd Session (June, 2014), approved the new electronic Regional Air Navigation Plan (eANP) template and procedures for amendment.


During 2015, the ICAO Regional Offices, in coordination with respective Planning and Implementation Regional Groups (PIRGs) and Headquarters, populated the new regional ANPs’ web-based platform consisting of three volumes:  



​Volume I (formerly known as “Basic”) containing stable ANP elements;



​Volume II (formerly the “Facilities and Services Implementation Document (FASID)”) containing dynamic ANP elements; and


​• ​new Volume III containing dynamic/flexible plan elements providing implementation planning guidance for air navigation systems and their modernization, taking into consideration the aviation system block upgrades (ASBUs).

The Middle-East (MID) Region eANP, Volume I, was the first to be approved, on 21 December by the President of the Council on behalf of the Council. The remaining eANPs, for all air navigation regions, are in the final process of review, for circulation to States and approval either by the Council or Regional Agreement, after endorsement by the corresponding PIRG during 2015.


International Codes and Route Designators Database (ICARD)


In light of the increasing need for five-letter-name codes (5LNCs) to support implementation of Performance-based Navigation (PBN), and due to obsolete architecture and technical problems of the current ICARD application, ICAO began a project in late 2013 to update the ICARD database system.


In early 2014, the Civil Aviation Flight University of China (CAFUC) was selected to update the ICARD system which is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2016. The first demonstration of the initial design and functions of the new ICARD platform by CAFUC to the Air Navigation Bureau (ANB) and the European and North Atlantic Office, Paris (EUR/NAT) Office took place in June, with additional demonstrations taking place in July, September and December. The demonstrations reflected continued progress in the development of the new platform.


The ICARD update aims to provide increased processing speeds, minor enhancements to increase efficiency, and a more user-friendly design. In addition to these improvements, the updated ICARD system will be more stable and will include a maintenance agreement through CAFUC for one year after delivery.

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