Regional Aviation Safety Group–Pan America (RASG-PA) and CAR/SAM Planning and Implementation Regional Group (GREPECAS) Teams Coordination Meeting
Online, 25 March 2021 



​Invitation Letter
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​P/01​2​Asociación Latino Americana y Caribeña de Pavimentos Aeroportuarios (available only in Spanish), Presented by ALACPA.​19/03/21
​P/02​2​Comité Regional CAR/SAM de Prevención de Peligro Aviario y Fauna (available only in Spanish), Presented by  CARSAMPAF.​19/03/21--​
​P/03​2​Data Analysis Working Group, Presented by the Secretariat.



​P/042​​Scrutiny Working Group (GTE), Presented by the GTE Rapporteur​23/03/21
​P/05​2​Safety Monitoring and Report Team (SMRT) (disponible únicamente en inglés), Presented by SMRT Coordinator.​24/03/21
​P/06​2​Pan America - Regional Aviation Safety Team (PA-RAST) (disponible únicamente en inglés), Presented by PA-RAST Co-President​25/03/21--​




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