​NACC Webinar Series – Accident and Incident Investigation (AIG) Procedures – English

25 June 2020

This event will focus on a short review of the basics of procedures in general, and then there will be an exercise on developing the procedures required by the Protocol Question (PQ) 6.381: “Has the investigation authority established and implemented procedures to ensure that relevant and timely information on the progress of the investigation will be provided to the families and accident survivors?”


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​P/01​--​Webinar – AIG Procedures. Exercise: Procedure for the provision of information to the families and survivors​25/06/20​--
​Example 01​--​Template for development of procedures​25/06/20​--
Example 02​--​Procedure No 88 - Provision of Information to Victims and Families​25/06/20--​
Video​--​Accident and Incident Investigation (AIG) Procedures Webinar ​25/06/20​--


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