​ NAM/CAR Safety Management System (SMS) Implementation Workshop for
Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs)
Mexico City, Mexico, 13 – 15 August 2019



​Invitation Letter
​Draft Programme Revised
​Group Photo

​Summary of Discussions



P/01​--​Safety Management Basic Concepts, Presented by the Secretariat01/08/19
​P/02​--​Safety Management for Air Navigation Service Providers, Presented by the Secretariat09/08/19
​P/03--​SMS acceptance, monitoring and supervision​, Presented by the Secretariat09/08/19​
​P/04--​​Safety Performance Monitoring and Measurement, Presented by CANSO.12/08/19​​--
Annex 19 State Safety Management Overview, Presented by the Secretariat​13/08/19

​NAM/CAR Regional State Safety Programme (SSP) Implementation Strategy for 2018‐2023, Presented by the Secretariat
​Requirements of Annex 13 and SMS, Presented by the Secretariat

​Tools to Support Safety Management and Oversight, Presented by the Secretariat

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