​Third Meeting of the RLA/09/801 Project Evaluation Commission (MCCAP/PEC/3)

ICAO NACC Regional Office, Mexico City, Mexico, 13 to 17 May 2019



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Working Papers​

​WP/01​1​Agenda and Schedule - Presented by the Secretariat​03/05/19--​
​WP/02​4​Review of the Implementation of Project RLA/09/801 Activities 2018 - 2019 - Presented by the Secretariat08/05/19​​--
​WP/03​2​Review of the RLA/09/801 MCAAP Procedural Handbook - Presented by the Secretariat​08/05/19​--
​WP/04​3​Extension of the RLA/09/801 MCAAP Project And Revision of its PRODOC - Presented by the Secretariat​09/05/19​--


P/01​​4​RLA09801/C - Multi-Regional Civil Aviation Assistance Programme - Presented by the Secretariat​10/05/19--​
P/02​3​​NACC Challenges and Opportunities -> Consideration for Project RLA/09/801 - Presented by the Secretariat15/05/19​--
​P/03​5​ICAO Technical Cooperation Bureau - Your partner in ensuring global aviation standards - Presented by the Secretariat10/05/19​--​
​P/04​3​Priorities for the region (by each technical area) - Presented by the Secretariat15/05/19​--​







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