​ICAO NAM/CAR/SAM Regional Preparatory Group (RPG) Workshop

for the International Telecommunications Union World Radiocommunication

Conference (ITU WRC-2019) (RPG/ITU WRC-2019)

Mexico City, Mexico, 6 – 7 February 2018



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Information Papers

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​IP/285 ​Agenda Item 1.8 - To Consider Possible Regulatory Actions to Support Global Maritime Distress Safety Systems (GMDSS) Modernization and to Support the Introduction of Additional Satellite Systems into The GMDSS, in Accordance with Resolution 359 (Rev. WRC-15), Presented by Mexico






​#​Item ​Title ​Date​Language ​
​P/01​1 ​Aviation Frequency Spectrum and the ITU World Radiocommunication Conferences (WRC), Presented by the Secretariat ​06/02/18​--

​Draft ICAO Position for ITU WRC‐19, Presented by the FSMP Rapporteur

​P/03​2​Preparation process for WRC-19,Presented by ITU​​06/02/18​--

​Stations on-Board Sub-Orbital Vehicles (Spaceplanes), Presented by United Kingdom

​P/05​2 ​WRC-19- Agenda Items for Other Issues, Presented by ISRI ​​06/02/18​--
​P/06​2 ​GADSS in depth - Airbus views on Global Aeronautical Distress Safety System ICAO Regional Preparatory Group / WRC-19 Workshop, Presented by Airbus ​​06/02/18​--
​P/07​2 ​Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System (GADSS) Radio Regulatory Provisions, Presented by United Kingdom ​​06/02/18​--
P/08​​3 ​Radio Altimeter Spectrum, Presented by ISRI ​​06/02/18​--
​P/09​2 ​Status of Preparations for WRC-19, Presented by CITEL 18/02/19​--​
​P/10​2 ​APT Preparations for WRC-19, Presented by Australia 18/02/19​​--
​P/11​2 ​Status of CEPT preparations for WRC-19, Presented by ECC ​18/02/19​--
​P/12​2 ​Status of ATU Preparations for WRC-19, Presented by Africa ​18/02/19​--
​P/13​3 ​Unmanned Aircraft Systems - Spectrum Topics, Presented by the Secretariat ​18/02/19​--
​P/14​3 ​A potential new Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Route, Presented by Thales ​18/02/19​--
​P/15​3 ​Service system in the 5 GHz band for the RPAS C2 link, Presented by Japan ​18/02/19​--
​P/16​3 ​Development of Wireless Link Applications for Small UAS in Japan, Presented by Eurocontrol ​18/02/19​--
​P/17​4 ​Programme Making and Special Events (PMSE), aiming to share the 960 – 1164 MHz band Effect of PPD Type Jammers on Aviation GPS Receivers, Presented by Canada ​18/02/19​--
​P/18​4 ​Radio Frequency Interference, Presented by United States ​18/02/19​--
​P/19​4 ​ICAO Doc 9718 - Handbook on Radio Frequency Spectrum Requirements for Civil Aviation, Presented by  the Secretariat ​18/02/19​--

​ICAO NAM/CAR Region Aeronautical Frequencies Management, Presented by the Secretariat 

​18/02/19 ​--
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