​Eighth Meeting of the ICAO/LACAC NAM/CAR and SAM Aviation Security and

Facilitation Regional Group (AVSEC/FAL/RG/8)

Mexico City, Mexico, 13 to 17 August 2018



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Final Report


Order of Business

​#​Item​Title​Date​Language ​
​OB/01​--​Order of Business No. 1, Presented by the Secretariat​15/08/18
​OB/02​--​Order of Business No. 2, Presented by the Secretariat​16/08/18
​OB/03​--​Order of Business No. 3, Presented by the Secretariat17/08/18​



​#​Item​Tile​Date​Language ​
​WP/01​1​Meeting Agenda and Schedule, Presented by the Secretariat​10/08/18
​WP/022​​ICAO/LACAC NAM/CAR and SAM AVIATION Security And Facilitation Regional Group (AVSEC/FAL/RG) activities, Presented by the Secretariat​10/08/18



​3.1​Report of the ICAO Implementation Support and Development – Security (ISD-SEC) Programme, Presented by the Secretariat​09/08/18
WP/04​3.2��XXIII LACAC Assembly Decisions (Resolutions and Recommendations), Presented by LACAC​10/08/18
​WP/05​4.1​National Security Management Programme and GAP analysis for SeMS implementation, Presented by Colombia​08/08/18
​WP/064.2​​Checklist for activities of audits in airport operators, airline operators and AVSEC Instruction Centres, Presented by Argentina​13/08/18
​WP/07​4.3​Developments on cybersecurity in aviation security, Presented by the Secretariat​09/08/18
 NE/08 Rev.​4.4​Informe del Taller de “Alineación del Plan Estratégico del Grupo Regional AVSEC/FAL con el Plan Global para la Seguridad de la Aviación (GASeP)” – Estado coordinador: Argentina (únicamente en español), Presented by Argentina​14/08/18​--
​NE/09​5.1​Informe del programa Material de capacitación en Facilitación – Coordinador: Bolivia, Presented by Bolivia​13/08/18​--
​WP/10​5.2​List of restricted articles by authorities other than aviation security – Coordinator State: Cuba, Presented by Cuba​26/06/18
​WP/116.1​​Procedures for the implementation of One Stop Security System (OSS), Presented by Panamá​06/08/18
​WP/12​6.2​Informe de la realización de Talleres sobre Identificación de personas con comportamientos sospechosos, Presented by Argentina  and Chile​10/08/18
WP/13​​7.1​Declaration of the Regional Conference on Aviation Security for the Americas and the Caribbean and NAM/CAR and SAM Regional Roadmap, Presented by the Secretariat​09/08/18
​WP/14​7.2​Recent developments in facilitation, Presented by the Secretariat​09/08/18
​WP/15​9​Report on the activities of the AVSEC/FAL Regional Group at the Fifteenth Meeting of Civil Aviation Authorities of the South American Region (RAAC/15), Presented by the Secretariat​10/08/18
​WP/16​9​Promotion of the Protocol to amend the Convention on Offenses and Certain Other Acts Committed On Board Aircraft done at Montreal on 4 April 2014 (Montreal protocol 2014), Presented by IATA​06/08/18
​WP/17​9​Beijing Convention, Presented by Chile​10/08/18
​WP/18​9​Necesidades de los especialistas de facilitación (available in Spanish only), Presented by Nicaragua​16/08/18​--


Information Papers

​#​Item​Title​Date​Language ​
​IP/01 Rev 2​1​List of Working Papers and Information Papers, Presented by the Secretariat​15/08/18





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