Workshop for the Implementation of Procedures for Initial Aerodrome Certification and Continuing

 Aerodrome Safety Oversight, as well as Aerodrome Compatibility Studies (AEROCERT)

Mexico City, Mexico, 26 – 29 June 2018




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​#​Item​Title​Date​Language ​
​D1-P1​--The need to Certify Aerodromes and the State´s responsibility​, Presented by the Secretariat​26/06/18​--
D1/P2​--​Initial certification and continued safety oversight, Presented by the Secretariat​26/06/18​--
​D1-P3​--​Recent amendment to Annex 14, Volume I and an update on PANS-Aerodromes, Presented by the Secretariat​26/06/18​--
​D1-P4​--​Aerodrome Compatibility Studies PANS-AGA, Presented by the Secretariat​26/06/18​--
​D2-P1​--​Inspecciones Técnicas y Verificaciones en el Terreno (PANS Aeródromos, Capt. 2, Ap.1), Presented by the Secretariat​27/06/18​--
D2-P2​​--​PANS Aerodromes Chapter 3: Safety Assessments, Presented by the Secretariat​27/06/18
​D2-P3​--​The Need for Airport Excellence in Safety, Presented by ACI​27/06/18​--
​D2-P4​--​Apron Management, Presented by ACI​27/06/18​--


​--​Best practices on apron management, Presented by ACI​27/06/18​--
​D2-P6​--​FAA Modification of Standards mechanism, Presented by United States​27/06/18​--
​D2-P7​--​Modification to Standards: ICAO Exceptions, Presented by United States​27/06/18​--
​D3-P1--​​Diseño de Calle de Rodaje Alfa, Presented by Uruguay ​29/06/18​--
​D3-P2​--​Estatus de Certificación de Aeropuertos Mexicanos, Presented by México ​29/06/18​--
​D3-P3​--​Experiencia en Certificación de Aeródromos en México, Presented by ALSA ​29/06/18​--


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