First Meetin​g for the Establishment of CASSOS Regional AIG Organization (CARAIO)

 Mexico City, Mexico, ICAO NACC Regional Office, 21 to 22 February 2017



​Invitation Letter​--
​Registration Form​--
​Group Photo
​Final Report--​


 Order of Business

​​​#Item​Title​Date​Language​​ ​
O​B/01​​-​ Order of Business No. 1 – Tuesday 21 February 201721/0​2/17​ ​--
OB/02​​--Order of Business No. 2 – Wednesday 22 February 201722/02/17​​​--


Working papers​

​​​#Item​Title​Date​Language​​ ​
WP/01​1​ Approval of the Provisional Agenda and Work Schedule​, Presented by the Secretariat​​15/02/17​ ​--
WP/02 ​3​ Safe Fund Project for Caribbean RAIO, Presented by the Secretariat​15/02/17​​--
WP/03​4​ Initial Project Schedule for CARAIO Development, Presented by the Secretariat15/02/17​​--
WP/04​7​ Collaboration and Agreement on Regional Solutions, Presented by the Secretariat​15/02/17​​--
​WP/05​2​Accident and Incident Investigation (AIG) Compliance Status in CASSOS Members States, Presented by the Secretariat​​​15/02/17 ​--
​WP/06​6​Draft Terms of Reference (ToRs) of AIG experts, Presented by the Secretariat​​​15/02/17​--
​WP/07​5​In-Kind Contributions and other Supports for Project Execution, Presented by the Secretariat​​​15/02/17​--

Information papers

​​​#Item​Title​Date​Language​​ ​
IP/01​1​ List of Working, Information Papers and Presentations, Presented by the Secretariat20/02/17​ ​--


​​​#Item​Title​Date​Language​​ ​
P​/01​​2 Regional Accident and Incident Investigation Organization, Presented by the Secretariat15/02/17​ --
​P/02​2​AIG in CASSOS Member States, Presented by CASSOS​15/02/17 --​​
​P/03​2​GRIAA Presentation, Presented by COCESNA​15/02/17​--


​​​# Item​ Title​ Date​​ Language​​ ​


2 CASSOS Action Plan (Reference to P/02)​ 15/02/17​ --


​2 ​A39 Working Paper by CARAIO ​15/02/17 --​


--​​ ​ToRs of AIG CARAIO ​-- --​


​-- ​Revised AIG Protocol ​-- --​


--​​ ​CASSOS AIG Resources ​-- --​​


​-- ​RAIO Agreement--​​--
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