First Aeronautical Information Management (AIM), Flight Plan (FPL) Error Management and Air Traffic Services Inter-facility Data Communication (AIDC), Meeting (AIM/FPL/AIDC/1)

 Tegucigalpa, Honduras 30 October – 3  November 2017 ​



​Invitation Letter
​Draft Agenda AIM​--
​Draft Agenda AIDC​--
Final Report, Rev.


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​#​Item​Group​Title​Date​Language ​
WP/01​1AIM/AIDC​Review and Approval of the Meeting Agendas, Working Method and Schedule of the Meeting, Presented by the Secretariat20/10/17​​--
​Implementing the changes in aircraft types as defined in ICAO Document 8643 - Aircraft Type Designators, Presented by United States​9/10/17​--
WP/03​5AIDC​Evolution of the United States Automated Data Exchange Interface within the North American, Central American and Caribbean (NACC) Region – 2017 Update, Presented by United States​9/10/17--​
WP/04​4​AIM​AIM Training, Presented by the Secretariat​20/10/17​--
WP/05​2AIDC​Dominican Republic AIDC Implementation Update, Presented by Dominican Republic​24/10/17​--
WP/06​8​AIDC​2017 Data Collection Analysis, Presented by Dominican Republic​24/10/17​--
WP/07​11​AIM​Safety Risks, Presented by the Secretariat27/10/17​--



Other Documents

​#​Item​Group​Title​Date​Language ​
 --​1AIM​AIM Survey Results, Presented by the AIM Rapporteur30/10/17​​--
AIM Licensing ,Presented by the AIM Rapporteur​30/10/17​​--
--​5AIMGuidance on AIS-AIM Training Development, Presented by the AIM Rapporteur​30/10/17​--​
​--​11AIM​AIMFPLAIDC-Eurocontrol Guidance for the implementation of safety management in AIS/AIM.pdf30/10/17​​--
--​​--AIM​AIM Planning and Implementation in the MID Region, Presented by the Secretariat03/11/17​​--
​--​--AIM​Cir211-Aerodrome Flight Information Service, Presented by the Secretariat​03/11/17​--
--​​--AIM​Manual of Standards, Presented by Curaçao​03/11/17​--
​--​--AIM​Singapore Manual of Standards, Presented by the Secretariat​03/11/17​--
​--​--AIM​Curriculum for AIM training – Module 1 Basic Training, Presented by the Secretariat03/11/17​​--
​--​--AIM​Curriculum for AIM training – Module 2 ARO officer, Presented by the Secretariat​03/11/17​--
​--​--AIM​Curriculum for Module 2 for AIS training Basic AIS, Presented by the Secretariat​03/11/17​--
​--​--AIM​AIM Licensing DRAFT0.1- Amendment to Annex 1, Presented by the Secretariat​03/11/17​--


Information papers

​#​ItemGroup​Title​DateLanguage​ ​



​--AIM/AIDC​List of Working, Information Papers and Presentations, Presented by the Secretariat31/10/17​--
​IP/022​​AIM​Update On The Faa’s Ais-Aim Transition, Presented by United States​09/10/17​--
IP/036AIM​Implementation and Certification of a QMS in the AM Department, Presented by Trinidad and Tobago​27/10/17​--
​IP/048​​AIMAIM Survey Results  - IAIP Implementation Survey, Presented by the AIM Rapporteur30/10/17​​--
​IP/05​5​AIDC​Comments on the Progress Report of the Scrutiny WG GTE, Presented by the AIDC Rapporteur​30/10/17​--



​#​Item​Group​Title​DateLanguage​ ​
​P/015​​AIDC​Evolution of the United States Automated Data Exchange (ADE) Interfaces within the North American, Central American and Caribbean (NACC) Region – 2017 Update, Presented by United States​9/10/17​--
​P/02​4​AIDC​Benefits of AIDC Implementation, Presented by Dominican Republic​9/10/17​--
​P/03​2​AIM​GANP 5th Edition, Presented by the Secretariat​9/10/17​--
​P/04​12​AIM​ICAO Support in AIM Implementation, Presented by the Secretariat​9/10/17​--
​P/05​2​AIM​Roadmap for the Transition from AIS to AIM, Presented by the Secretariat​9/10/17​--
​P/06​7​AIDC​Implementing the Changes in Aircraft Types as defined in ICAO Document 8643 Aircraft Designators, Presented by United States​9/10/17​--
​P/07​7​AIM​Global Air Navigation AIM/SWIN/AIDC Consideration, Presented by the Secretariat​18/10/17​--
​P/08​12AIM​IDS AIM Suite, Presented by IDS​20/10/17​--
​P/093​​AIM​Digital Notam, The Digital Age for Air Navigation,  Presented by IDS​24/10/17​--
​P/10​5AIM​​IFAIMA Global AIM 2017, Presented by IFAIMA​24/10/17​--
​P/11​4AIM​​AIM Training, Presented by the Secretariat​24/10/17​--
​P/12​2AIM​​AIDC Implementation, Presented by COCESNA​25/10/17​--
​P/13​8AIDC​Disminución Envío FPL con errores y duplicados y su diferencia con el RPL, , Presented by Dominican Republic​24/10/17​--
​P/14​5​AIDC​The Global Voice of AIM, Presented by IFAIMA26/10/17​​--
​P/15​7​AIDC​COCESNA´s Flight Plan Statistics, Presented by COCESNA​27/10/17​--
​P/16​6AIM​Certification, Your route to stronger business performance, Presented by Bureau Veritas27/10/17​​--
​P/17--​AIM​AIM Operations Center, Presented by COCESNA03/11/17​​--




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