Seventh Pan American Aviation Safety Summit and Ninth Regional Aviation Safety Group -

Pan America Plenary Meeting (RASG-PA/9)

Panama City, Panama, 21 – 23 June 2016



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Order of Business (RASG-PA/9)

OB/011Order of Business - Thursday 23 June 2016, Presented by the Secretariat23/06/16


Working Papers

WP/011Provisional Agenda and Schedule of Ninth Regional Aviation Safety Group – Pan America Plenary Meeting (RASG-PA/9), Presented by the Secretariat25/05/16
WP/022Review of Conclusions and Decisions from the Eighth RASG-PA Annual Plenary Meeting (RASG-PA/8) and the RASG-PA Executive Steering Committee (ESC) Meetings, Presented by the Secretariat09/06/16
WP/033RASG-PA ESC Reports, Presented by the Secretariat31/05/16
WP/044PA-RAST Report, Presented by the Secretariat31/05/16
WP/059SRVSOP Activities for Operational Risk Mitigation in the Region, Presented by the Secretariat10/06/16
WP/0610RASG-PA Activities Plan 2017, Presented by the Secretariat25/05/16
WP/078U.S. Working Papers for the 39th ICAO Assembly, Presented by United States24/05/16
WP/082Results of the Review of the RASG-PA/8 Report by the ICAO Air Navigation Commission (ANC), Presented by the Secretariat14/05/16
WP/099Enhancing Support for Safety Management Implementation, Presented by the Secretariat14/05/16
WP/109Update of the Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP), Presented by the Secretariat14/05/16
WP/115RASG-PA Annual Safety Report (ASR), Presented by the Secretariat14/06/16
WP/122Regional Aviation Safety Group — Pan America (RASG-PA) Update, Presented by the Secretariat15/06/16
WP/139Establishment and Management of the AIG Regional Cooperation Mechanism (ARCM) of South America, Presented by the Secretariat15/06/16
WP/147Regional activities to improve Safety in Air Navigation Services, Presented by the Secretariat15/06/16
WP/156Seminar on Safety Data Analysis, Presented byALTA17/06/16
WP/164PA-RAST Status Report, Presented by Brazil / IATA16/06/16--
WP/179Compliance with the Declaration of Bogota, Presented by the Secretariat17/06/16
WP/189RASG-PA GSI-4 Project – Effective and Efficient Investigation of Air Incidents and Accidents, Presented by COCESNA/ACSA17/06/16--
WP/199Progress Report on the Implementation of the ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme Continuous Monitoring Approach (USOAP-CMA), Presented by the Secretariat14/05/16--



Rev 3
2List of Working, Information Papers and Presentations, Presented by the Secretariat17/06/16
IP/029RASG activities in other Regions, Presented by the Secretariat03/06/16
IP/039Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) OUT; ensuring preparedness for the 2020 equipage mandate, Presented by United States.24/05/16 --
IP/049Integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Presented by United States24/05/16--
IP/059RASG Organizational Guidelines, Presented by the Secretariat10/06/16 --
IP/069Estado de Cumplimiento por Cuba de las Metas Regionales de Seguridad Operacional y Navegación Aérea acordadas en Puerto España, Presented by Cuba15/06/16--
IP/076RASG-PA Projects Report, Presented by the Flight Safety Foundation15/06/16--
IP/089Programa ACI APEX en Seguridad Operacional, Presented by ACI-LAC20/06/16--



P/012Regional Aviation Safety Group – Pan America RASG-PA Report, Presented by the Secretariat14/06/16
P/029ICAO NACC “No Country Left Behind” (NCLB) Strategy, Presented by the Secretariat14/06/16
P/038ICAO Assembly - 39th Session (A39), Presented by the Secretariat14/06/16
P/049Multi Regional Civil Aviation Assistance Program for the NAM/CAR Region, Presented by the Secretariat20/06/16--
P/059ICAO Cabin Safety – Update on activities, Presented by the Secretariat20/06/16--
P/069Global Aviation Safety Update, Presented by the Secretariat17/06/16--


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