Regional Aviation Safety Group — Pan America (RASG-PA) Flight
Data Analysis Programme (FDAP) (NAM/CAR/SAM) (SEMFDAP)

Miami, United States, 25 – 27 October 2016 



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Final Agenda


P/01--FDA within SMS, Presented by Airbus25/10/16 --
P/02--FDA Limits, Presented by Airbus25/10/16 --
P/03--Towards an efficient FDA Programme, Presented by Airbus25/10/16 --
P/04--Aplicación de los Datos FDA en el Sistema de gestión de riesgos de la aerolínea , Presented by Aeroméxico25/10/16   --
P/05--Flight Data Monitoring on ATR Aircraft 2016, Presented by ATR25/10/16 --
P/06--Flight Data Monitoring for Regional Operations (ATR Support and Services), Presented by ATR25/10/16 --
P/07--FDAP Seminar, Presented by Brazilian CAST25/10/16 --
P/08--The Role of FDM into Embraer´s SMS, Presented by Embraer25/10/16 --
P/09--ASIAS - Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing, Presented by FAA25/10/16 --
P/10--Flight Data Monitoring Energy Management Study, Presented by GOL25/10/16 --
P/11--Flight Data Analysis Programme: ICAO Regulatory Framework, Presented by the Secretariat25/10/16 --
P/12--FOQA Program Sky Airline, Presented by Sky Airline25/10/16 --
P/13--MOQA Program Sky Airline, Presented by Sky Airline25/10/16 --


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