Second ICAO/IATA/CANSO Performance-Based Navigation (PBN)

Harmonization, Modernization and Implementation Meeting for the Caribbean (CAR) Region

San Jose, Costa Rica, 7– 9 December 2016



Invitation Letter
Registration Form
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Final Report

Order of Business

1Order of Business No.1 — Presented by the Secretariat07/12/16 --
0B/023Order of Business No.2 — Presented by the Secretariat08/12/16 --
0B/03--Order of Business No.3 — Presented by the Secretariat09/12/16 --

Reference Documents

RD/011.1New ATS Routes — Presented by the Secretariat06/12/16 --
RD/021.1Realign ATS Routes — Presented by the Secretariat06/12/16 --
RD/031.1Deleted ATS Routes — Presented by the Secretariat06/12/16 --

Working Papers


1Approval of the Meeting Agenda and Schedule — Presented by the Secretariat8/11/16 --
WP/021Review of the Conclusions from the Previous ICAO/IATA/CANSO PBN Meeting as agreed in the Third NAM/CAR Air Navigation Implementation Working Group Meeting (ANI/WG/3) Meeting — Presented by the Secretariat8/11/16 --

Information papers

IP/022Status of the Optimization and harmonization of the Longitudinal Separation Minima in the SAM Region, Presented by IATA08/12/16 --


P/013Project PBN routes network Havana FIR, Presented by Cuba07/12/16 --
P/023Proposal for Amendment, Presented by Dominican Republic24/11/16 --
P/033PIARCO FIR (TTZP) PBN Route Proposals, Presented by Trinidad and Tobago25/11/16 --
P/041.2GNSS/RNAV Non- Radar Longitudinal Separation in the Caribbean, Presented by United States02/12/16 --
P/053Houston to Havana Route Proposal, Presented by United States02/12/16 --
P/061.2Reunión PBN, Presented by Mexico07/12/16--
P/073Project PBN Routes Network Havana FIR, Presented by Cuba07/12/16
P/081.3ADS-B Data as a source for analytical solutions for traffic behaviour in airspace, Presented by the Secretariat07/12/16 --
P/091.1Análisis de la propuesta de enmienda al plan de navegación aérea - CAR/SAM, Presented by Mexico07/12/16--
P/103PBN Implementation process, Presented by El Salvador7/12/16
P/111.2Reestructuración del Espacio aéreo superior Centroamericano, Presented by COCESNA7/12/16--
P/123New route TBG - OBIKE, Presented by Curazao7/12/16 --
P/13--Reingeniería ARESAC 2017, Presented by Costa Rica9/12/16--
P/144PBN Implementation 2017, Presented by the Secretariat16/12/16 --
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