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​Sixth Meeting of the North American, Central American and
Caribbean Directors of Civil Aviation (NACC/DCA/06)

Nassau, Bahamas, 10-12 May 2016



Declaration of Intent
Declaration of Intent for the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Regional Office for North America, Central America and Caribbean (NACC) Regional No Country Left Behind (NCLB) Strategy ​


​Invitation Letter
​Registration Form
​General Information, - Revised
Social Activities Form
Final Report

Order of Business​ ​ ​

​Order of Business No. 01 - OB/01
​​Order of Business No. 02 - OB/02
Invitations from the Government of Bahamas for Registered Participants​
Schedule of Activities Planned for Delegates ​ ​
​Opening Ceremony - Tuesday, 10 May 2016, at 9:00 hrs.
​Welcome Reception - Tuesday, 10 May 2016, from 18:30 tp 20:30
Closing Reception - Wednesday, 11 May 2016, at 19:00 hrs.


Working Papers  

--​​​--​Covering, Presented by the Secretariat​--
WP/01​Rev 2​1Provisional Agenda and Schedule of the 6th Meeting of the North American,
Central American and Caribbean Directors of Civil Aviation, Presented by the Secretariat
WP/02​2​Follow‐Up on Valid Conclusions and Decisions NACC/DCA Meetings and Sub
Regional DCA Meetings, Presented by the Secretariat
14/04/16​ ​​
WP/03​9​Setting a Security Agenda: States’ Responsibilities and a Foundation of Security Culture, Presented by United States​19/04/16
​WP/043.2​​CAR/SAM Regional Implementation and Planning Group (GREPECAS) Results, Presented by the GREPECAS Vice-Chairperson​26/04/16
WP/05​3.3​ICAO/LACAC NAM/CAR and SAM Aviation Security and Facilitation Regional Group (AVSEC/FAL/RG) Activities, Presented by the Secretariat​26/04/16
​WP/06​5.1​Feasibility for the Establishment of an Association of Training Organizations in the NAM/CAR Regions (ATO-NACC), Presented by the Secretariat​29/04/16
​WP/07​6.1​States’ Action Plans on CO2 Emissions Reduction Activities, Presented by the Secretariat21/04/16​​
​WP/08​10.2​Proposal of Consolidation of Subregional DCA Meetings, Presented by the Secretariat26/04/16​
WP/0910.4​​​Outstanding Contributions to ICAO, Presented by the Secretariat​11/04/16 ​​
​WP/10​9​Areas of Interest to the United States at the 39th ICAO Assembly, Presented by United States​28/04/16
WP/116.2​​ALTA position with respect to the Global Market Based Measure (GMBM) , Presented by ALTA​29/04/16
WP/12​10.4​Smarter Regulation: Unlocking the promise of Aviation in Latin America, Presented by IATA/ALTA​29/04/16
WP/13​5.1 Workshop on Air Traffic/ Air Navigation Services Safety Oversight, Presented by the Secretariat
06/05/16​  Rev​
WP/14​4.2.4​ASBU Implementation on the NACC Region, Presented by ANI/WG ASBU Ad Hoc Group​06/05/16


Information Papers   

​# ​Item Description​Date ​Language ​


Rev 2

--​​List of Working, Information Papers and Presentations, Presented by the Secretariat​12/05/16
NI/02​4.2.1Una aproximación a los resultados de Cuba en el Enfoque de Observación Continua realizado por el IACC del cumplimiento del Programa Universal de Auditoría de la Vigilancia de la Seguridad Operacional (USOAP) de la OACI (available in Spanish only), Presented by Cuba​31/06/16--​
NI/03​4.2.2 Estado de Cumplimiento por Cuba de las Metas Regionales de Seguridad Operacional y Navegación Aérea Acordadas en Puerto España (available in Spanish only), Presented by Cuba31/03/16​--
​IP/04​10.1​ICAO Global Aviation Dialogues (GLADs), Presented by the Secretariat​21/04/16
​5.1​Status of the TRAINAIR Plus Programme (TPP), Presented by the Secretariat​15/04/16
IP/06​4.2.4​Establishment of the Caribbean Regional Implementation Group for Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) / Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) ), Presented by CANSO​02/05/16 ​--
​IP/07​4.2.4​Optimization and Harmonization of Longitudinal Separation Minima In the NAM/CAR/SAM), Presented by IATA29/04/16​​--
IP/08​​4.2.2​Status of compliance of Haiti with the POS Declaration), Presented by Haiti​03/05/16--​​
IP/09​4.2.4​CANSO Emergency Response Planning Guide, Presented by CANSO​03/05/16 --​
IP/10​9​U.S. Working Papers for the 39th Assembly, Presented by United States​03/05/16 ​--
​IP/11​​4.2.4​Automatic dependent surveillance – Broadcast (ADS‐B) Out; ensuring preparedenss for the 2020 equipage mandate, Presented by United States03/05/16​ --​
​IP/12​4.2.4​​Integration of Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), Presented by United States​03/05/16 ​--
​IP/13​5.1​Academia Superior de Ciencias Aeronauticas: Activities and Initiatives towards the Collaboration between States, Presented by Dominican Republic05/05/16​
IP/14​4.2.2​Status of Compliance Curaçao, Presented by Curaçao​11/05/16







4.1​​Accountability and Performance Report of the ICAO NACC Office to Member States, Presented by the Secretariat


Rev 2



​NCLB: Regional Air Navigation/Safety/Security Developments and Achievements, Presented by the Secretariat
P/03​4.4​Technical Cooperation Assistance and Support to the Regions, Presented by the Secretariat
P/04​3.1​Regional Aviation Safety Group – Pan America (RASG-PA) Update, Presented by the Secretariat
P/054.5​​States Challenges and Needs:  Developing Solutions, Presented by the Secretariat
P/06​4.5​Regional Accident and Incident Investigation Organization – RAIO CAR Regional Approach, Presented by the Secretariat
P/07​8​ICAO Strategic Safety tools for Directors – Enhancing Global Safety Performance, Presented by the Secretariat
P/089​Preparation for the 39th Session of the ICAO Assembly, Presented by the Secretariat
P/09​7​ICAO World Aviation Forum (IWAF) Results, Presented by the Secretariat
P/10 Rev4.5​​​Topics for discussion for DCA 6, Presented by Netherlands--​
P/11​4.5​Sistema Aeronáutico y Marítimo de Búsqueda y Salvamento de la República de Cuba, Presented by Cuba ​--
P/12​4.5​ACI, Presented by ACI--​
P/13​4.5​How can the World Bank Support you? - Funding Mechanisms and Solutions, Presented by the World Bank​--
P/14--​FAA Caribbean Initiative - Supporting Regional Air Navigation and Safety Developments​, Presented by United States ​--
​P/15​3.1​​​ALTA IATA Trend Sharing Program, Presented by the ALTA-IATA Safety Team --​​
P/16All​​​Review of Draft Conclusions and Decisions, Presented by the Secretariat



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