​Thirty first MEVA Technical Management Group Meeting (MEVA/TMG/31)

Kingston, Jamaica, 24 to 26 May 2016



​Invitation Letter
​Registration Form
​Provisional Schedule - Rev ​-​-
​Group Photo
​Final Report ​--


Information  Papers  

IP/01- -​​List of Working, Information Papers and Presentations Presented by the Secretariat06/04/16 --

Order of Business

OB/01- -​Order of Business  1, Presented by the Secretariat24/05/16 --
​OB/02​--​Order of Business  2 ,Presented by the Secretariat​​25/05/16 ​--
​OB/03​--​Order of Business 3, Presented by the Secretariat​26/05/16​--



 Working Papers

WP/01- -​​Provisional Agenda, Work Method and Schedule of the Thirty First MEVA Technical Management Group Meeting (MEVA/TMG/31), Presented by the Secretariat06/04/16 --
​WP/02​2Review of Previous Valid Conclusions​, Presented by the TMG Coordinator​6/04/16 ​--

​6​MEVA III Network: example of regional cooperation, Presented by  the Secretariat26/05/16​--
WP/043.4​Jamaica Experience of the MEVA III Node Performance, Presented by Jamaica24/05/16 ​--
WP/05​6Legacy X.25 AFTN Support​, Presented by United States19/05/16 ​--
​WP/06​6​Follow-Up to the Development of the Electronic Regional Air Navigation Plan (eANP), Presented by the Secretariat19/05/16--​​
WP/07​4.1​MEVA III – REDDIG II Interconnection Matters, Presented by TMG Coordinator17/05/16 ​--
​WP/08​4.3​Implementation of New Services, Presented by Jamaica24/05/16​--
​WP/09​5​Results of the ITU World RadioCommunication Conference 2015 (WRC-15), Presented by the Secretariat08/05/16 ​--
WP/10​​6​Implementation of the ICAO NACC Regional Office No Country Left Behind (NCLB) Strategy, Presented by the Secretariat19/05/16 ​--
​WP/11​4.3​Meteorological Information Exchange., Presented by the AMHS Task Force19/05/16​--
​WP/12​4.1​Additional Circuit Path for AMHS between PIARCO (Trinidad and Tobago) and Atlanta (United States), Presented by the AMHS Contingency Ad Hoc Group24/05/16​--



P/013.1​​Frequentis – For a safer world, Presented by Frequentis15/05/16
P/024​ATM Networks, Presented by Frequentis​12/05/16 ​--
​P/033​​ATM Networks, Presented by Frequentis​18/05/16--​​
​P/04​3.1​Points of Contact, Presented by Frequentis​25/05/16​--




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