Thirtieth MEVA Technical Management Group Meeting
Oranjestad, Aruba, 27 to 29 May 2015


​Invitation Letter
​Order of Business 1
​​Order of Business 2
​​Order of Business 3
​Group Photo
Final Report

Working Papers

​# Item ​Title ​Date Language
WP/01 ​1 ​Provisional Agenda, Work Method and Schedule of the Thirtieth MEVA Technical Management Group Meeting (MEVA/TMG/30)  - Presented by the Secretariat 21/04/15
WP/02 ​2 ​Review of Previous Valid TMG Conclusions  - Presented by the TMG Coordinator 30/04/15





MEVA /TMG/30 Presentation - Presented by COMSOFT

MEVA III Maintenance Service Plan  - Presented by COMSOFT

MEVA III Monthly Report  - Presented by COMSOFT


​WP/05 ​4.1 ​MEVA III Task Force Report and Activities  - Presented by  the Task Force Rapporteur 08/05/15
​WP/06 ​4.2 ​MEVA III Documentation Status  - Presented by  the Task Force Rapporteur 12/05/15
WP/07 ​4.3 ​MEVA III Interconnection Matters: MEVA – REDDIG and MEVA-E/CAR  - Presented by the Secretariat ​5/05/15
WP/08 ​4.4 ​Results and Achievements of the MEVA III Technical Assistance Missions Go-Teams  - Presented by the Secretariat ​5/05/15
WP/09 ​5 ​MEVA TMG pending activities regarding ICAO Position for the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-2015)  - Presented by the Secretariat ​5/05/15
WP/10 ​6.1 ​Follow-up to MEVA TMG support to the Regional Air Navigation Implementation Group (ANI/WG)  - Presented by the Secretariat 15/05/15
​WP/11 ​6 ​MEVA III Website Migration from ICAO Secure Portal - Presented by the Secretariat ​15/05/15
​WP/12 ​6.1 ​Proposed Procedure for Cost Sharing for New MEVA III Circuits Implementation and Follow-Up to Pending MEVA III circuits Implementation - Presented by  Task Force Rapporteur
​WP/13 ​3.3 ​Jamaica experience of the MEVA III Instalation - Presented by  Jamaica 21/05/15
​WP/14 ​3.3 ​FAA experience of the MEVA III installation  - Presented by  United States 12/05/15

Working Papers

​# ​Item ​Title ​Date ​Language
​P/01 ​--- ​List of  Working, Information Papers and Presentations - Presented by the Secretariat ​22/05/15


​# ​Item ​Ttile ​Date ​Language
​P/01 ​4.5 ​SNMP Workshop  - Presented by COMSOFT ​18/05/15
​P/02 ​COMSOFT´s Advanced Message Handling Product Line ​29/05/15
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