FPL Ad hoc Group Missing/duplicated/erroneous Filed flight plan

Flight plan (FPL) evaluation meeting (FPL/AD/MON)
Mexico City, Mexico, 24-26 February 2015



​Final Report ​--
​Invitation Letter
​Registration Form
​Group Photo  ​
​Templates ​--
​Order of Business No. 1 Tuesday 24 2015 --​
​Order of Business No. 2  Wednesday 25 2015 ​--
​Order of Business No. 3  Thursday 26 2015 ​--

Working Papers  

​# Item ​Title ​Date ​Language
WP/01 ​1 ​Review and Approval of the Meeting Agenda, Working Method and Schedule   Presented by the Secretariat ​20/01/15
​WP/02 ​2 ​Regional References on solution/ mitigation of FPL problems   Presented by the Secretariat ​19/02/15
WP/03 ​3 ​FPL Monitoring Group Recommended Actions Presented by FPL Ad hoc Group Rapporteur ​07/02/15
​WP/04 ​4 ​Flight Planning Support in the North American, Central American and Caribbean ICAO Region Presented by United States ​19/02/15
​WP/05 ​3 ​Flight Planning Improvement Initiative in the Caribbean, North, Central, and South American Regions Presented by United States ​​19/02/15
​WP/06 ​9 ​Data Analysis Procedure Presented by FPL Ad hoc Group Rapporteur ​19/02/15
​WP/07 ​3 ​Report of the PIARCO FIR Ad Hoc Group Presented by FPL Ad hoc Group Rapporteur - PIARCO FIR ​18/02/15
​WP/08 ​8 ​Destination Alternate Aerodrome Filling Exception Presented by IATA ​19/02/15
​WP/09 ​8 ​Survey Results on alternate Aerodrome Issue Presented by FPL Ad hoc Group Rapporteur ​19/02/15
​WP/10 ​10 ​Revision of FPL AD HOC Group Action Plan and Preparation for ANI/WG Presented by FPL Ad hoc Group Rapporteur ​20/02/15
​WP/11 ​3 ​FPL problem Mitigation / Resolution in Santo Domingo FIR   Presented by Dominican Republic ​20/02/15
​WP/12 ​3 ​Jamaica’s FPL Problem Mitigation/Resolution in Kingston FIR  Presented by the POC Jamaica 23/02/15​
​WP/13 ​3 ​Report of the Curaçao FIR FPL Presented by the Ad-Hoc Group Rapporteur Curaçao FIR 23/02/15​
​WP/14 ​6 ​Review of data collection process and form: improvements  Presented by Costa Rica ​23/02/15
​WP/15 ​3 ​HAITI FPL Problem/Mitigation/Resolution  Presented by Haiti 19/02/15
​WP/16 ​3 ​Responses to suggested actions from the FPL Ad hoc Group Presented by the Secretariat 19/02/15
​WP/17 ​11 ​Supplementary Information on Item 19 of the FPL format Presented by IATA ​23/02/15
​WP/18 ​5 ​Airlines FPL Processing Capabilities  Presented by IATA 23/02/15​
WP/19 ​3 ​Mitigación de los Problemas de Planes de Vuelo / Solución en la FIR Presented by Mexico ​25/02/15
​WP/20 ​3 ​COCESNA´s Considerations Presented by COCESNA 25/02/15​
​WP/21 7​ ​FPL Problem mitigation in Central America. Presented by COCESNA ​25/02/15​


Information Papers 

​# Item ​Title ​Date ​Language
IP/01 ​--
List of Working and Information Papers  Presented by the Secretariat
IP/02 ​3 Costa Rica actions to Mitigate FPL issues   Presented by Costa Rica ​23/02/15
IP/03 ​3 Mitigación de los problemas de planes de vuelo / solución en la FIR Habana Presented by Cuba 23/02/15



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