RASG-PA Mex City

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ICAO Regional Aviation Safety Group – Pan America(RASG-PA) Aviation Safety Seminar

 Mexico City, Mexico, 15 to 16 January 2014​



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#​ItemTitleDate​Language​ ​
D1/01​--​RASG-PA Activities ​(Presented by the Secretariat)15/01/14​
D1/02​--​Excursión de Pista​ (Presented by Mexico)15/01/14​
D1/03​--​Excursión de Pista (Presented by Mexico)15/01/14​
D1/04​--​Runway Excursion​  (Presented by United States)15/01/14​
D1/07​--​Runway Excursion​ ​  (Presented by IFALPA)15/01/14​
D2/01--​Runway Excursion​ (Presented by the Secretariat)16/01/14​
D2/02--​Excursión de Pista​  (Presented by Cuba)16/01/14​
D2/04--​Excursión de Pista​ (Presented by Mexico)16/0114​
D2/07--​Loss of control - inflight (Presented by Mexico)​16/1/14​


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