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​Twentieth Meeting of the Regional Aviation Safety Group – Pan America

Executive Steering Committee (RASG-PA ESC/20) 

Washington, D.C., United States, 15 to 16 July 2014



​Invitation Letter
​General Information
​Summary of Discussions

 Working Papers

​#​Item​Title​Date​Language ​
​WP/01​1​Provisional Agenda and Schedule of the Twentieth Meeting of the Regional Aviation Safety Group — Pan America (RASG-PA) Executive Steering Committee -- Presented by the Secretariat13/06/14
​WP/02​2​Review of Conclusions and Decisions Following the Sixth RASG-PA Annual Plenary Meeting (RASG-PA/06) and the Nineteenth RASG-PA Executive Steering Committee Meeting (RASG-PA/ESC/19)  -- Presented by the Secretariat​26/06/14
​WP/03​3.1​PA-RAST/17 Meeting Summary of Discussions -- Presented by the Secretariat​18/06/14
WP/04​​8​Revised Proposal for a RASG-PA Strategic Plan - Available only in English  -- Presented by Brazil, Boeing, IATA, and Embraer​11/07/14​--
​WP/05​4.3​ICAO Standard Phraseology in Accordance with PANS-ATM  -- Presented by ALTA​15/07/14
​WP/06​4.4​Bird Strike Reduction Programme -- Presented by ALTA/IATA​15/07/14

 Information Papers 


Rev 3
​--​List of Working and Information Papers  -- Presented by the Secretariat​18/06/14
​IP/02​9.1​Port-of-Spain Declaration -- Presented by the Secretariat​18/06/14
​IP/03​9.2​ICAO Regional Project RLA/09/801 — Go-Team Concept -- Presented by the Secretariat​18/06/14
IP/04​4.1​Creation of an Investigative Body for the Conduct of Investigation of Accidents and Incidents in Central America -- Presented by COCESNA/ACSA​14/07/14
NI/05​​4.1​Informe del Programa PASO (Programa de acción de la seguridad operacional) (Disponible únicamente en español)   -- Presented by COCESNA/ACSA​14/07/14​--
IP/06​11​Strategic and Proactive Coordination Between GREPECAS and RASG-PA for ASBU Implementation -- Presented by United States​15/07/14


Order of Business 

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​--​Order of Business No. 1  -- Presented by the Secretariat15/07/14

--​Order of Business No. 2  -- Presented by the Secretariat16/07/14


​#​Item​Title​Date​Language ​
P/015​Fifth Pan-American Safety Summit -- Presented by ALTA15/07/14







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