Fifth Eastern Caribbean Network Technical Group (E/CAR/NTG/5)

and Third Eastern Caribbean Radar Data Sharing Ad-hoc Group Meetings (E/CAR/RD/3)

(Guadeloupe, French Antilles, France, 22 to 24 October 2014)

Invitation Letter
Group Photo
Final Report

 Order of Business

Order of Business # 1 Rev. - Wednesday 22 October 2014
Order of Business # 2 Rev. - Thursday 23 October 2014
Order of Business # 3 Rev. - Friday 24 October 2014

Working Papers

#ItemTitle DateLanguage
WP/01  --- Review and Approval of the Draft Agenda and Schedule (Presented by the Secretariat) 26/09/14

WP/021.1Follow-up on previous E/CAR/NTG Conclusions and Decisions (Presented by the E/CAR/NTG Rapporteur)08/10/14
WP/031.2Review of actions concerning the First Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Technical Group (E/CAR/CATG/01) Meeting and the Twenty-fifth Meeting of Directors of Civil Aviation of the Eastern Caribbean (E/CAR/DCA/25) related to the E/CAR Aeronautical Fixed Service (AFS) Network  (Presented by the Secretariat)11/10/14
WP/041.3Review of actions concerning the Air Navigation Implementation Working Group (ANI/WG), North America, Central American Working Group (NACC/WG) and NACC/DCA/05 Meeting conclusions (Presented by the Secretariat)11/10/14
WP/052.1MPLS Network Performance (Presented by Barbados)20/10/14
WP/062.1E/CAR AFS Network Performance as reported by the OECS States (Presented by ECCAA)09/10/14
WP/07 2.1Network Performance Analysis and general Feedback French West Indies (Presented by France) 23/09/14
WP/082.1Network Performance Analysis and General Aspects (Presented by Trinidad and Tobago)13/10/14
WP/092.2Implementation of Aeronautical Message Handling System (AMHS) and Aeronautical Information Services System (AISS)/Central Flight Data Processing System (FDPS) (Presented by Trinidad and Tobago)13/10/14
WP/10 2.3MEVA II-E/CAR AFS Network Interconnection Activities (Presented by MEVA TMG Coordinator) 25/0914
WP/112.4E/CAR/NTG future meetings (Presented by the E/CAR/NTG Rapporteur)09/10/14
WP/12 3.1Follow-up on radar data agreements and teleconferences (Presented by the E/CAR/NTG Rapporteur)13/10/14
WP/133.2Implementation of Radar Data Sharing Activities (Presented by the Secretariat)11/10/14
WP/144E/CAR Radar Data Display Request for Information (RFI) Process (Presented by the Secretariat)11/10/14
WP/155The ICAO Position for the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) World Radiocommunication Conference (2015) (WRC 15) and State Support requested (Presented by the Secretariat)11/10/14
WP/165 ADS-B Implementation as new task: Radar Data Sharing Activities (Presented by the Secretariat)11/10/14
WP/175ASBU considerations for inclusion in E/CAR/NTG and RDS activities (Presented by the Secretariat)11/10/14
WP/193.2Antigua Radar rehabilitation activities (Presented by Antigua and Barbuda)20/11/14
WP/203.1Action Plan for FWI to support the Radar Display installation (Presented by France)20/11/14

Information Papers 

IP/01---List of Working, Information Papers and Presentations (Presented by the Secretariat)16/10/14
IP/023.2Information, limitations, procedures, phraseology and AIC-format governing the implementation of Radar-Assisted Situational Awareness (RASA) in the OECS (Presented by ECCAA)25/0914
IP/032.2Implementation of AMHS Circuit PIARCO- ATLANTA (Presented by United States) 22/09/14
IP/044.1PRISMA - COMSOFT´S Modular ATM Solution (Presented by COMSOFT)03/10/14
IP/055Multilateration Considerations in E/CAR Region: Hidden Costs & Coverage Limitation Factors (Presented by Barbados)22/10/14


P/01---Fifth Eastern Caribbean Network Technical Group Meeting (E/CAR/NTG/5) (Presented by Trinidad and Tobago)14/10/14
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