GREPECAS CAR Project D - ATN Infrastructure in the CAR Region and its Ground-ground and Ground-air Applications

Boca Chica, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 27 September 2013



Invitation Letter
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Working Papers 


#ItemTitleDate Language
WP/01--Draft Agenda and Schedule - Presented by Project D Coordinator11/09/13
WP/021.1Review Project Deliverables - Presented by Project D Coordinator11/09/13
WP/031.1Progress Report Presented to GREPECAS PPRC/2 Meeting - Presented by the Secretariat11/09/13
WP/04 1.2Review/update, and complete Transition Plan for the Evolutionary Development of ATN and applications - Presented by United States23/09/13
WP/051.3 Review and Update Implementation Plan for ATN Ground-Ground Applications (AMHS)/Results of III AMHS Workshop - Presented by United States23/09/13
WP/06 1.4Review Coordination and Test for ATN Ground Applications Implementation - Presented by the Secretariat23/09/13
WP/07 1.5Evaluation and Recommendations on the AMHS Coordination and Implementation - Presented by United States23/09/13
WP/08 2.1Revise/Update of CAR Router Plan - Presented by United States23/09/13
WP/092.2Revision of CAR IPv4 Addressing Scheme - Presented by Dominican Republic12/09/13
WP/102.2 Identification of Training needs in AMHS Implementation - Presented by the Secretariat18/09/13
WP/113Air Navigation Implementation Working Group (ANI/WG) AMHS Task Force - Presented by the Secretariat12/09/13

Information Papers 


IP/01--List of Working and Information Papers - Presented by the Secretariat23/09/13
IP/023The Global Operational Data Link Document (GOLD), Edition 2 - Presented by the Secretariat12/09/13



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