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Regional Workshop on GREPECAS Project F1 -
Aerodrome Certification Improvements
ICAO NACC Regional Office, Mexico City, Mexico, 14 to 18 October 2013


​​​Invitation Letter ​​​
​Group Photo


​# ​Title ​Date ​​Language​
P/01 Progress achieved by the Project “Aerodrome Certification Improvements - Norberto Cabrera, Cuba 14/10/13
​P/02 ​Current status of aerodrome certification in the Region - Jaime Calderón, OACI 14/10/13​
​P/03 ​The aerodrome certification process - Norberto Cabrera, Cuba ​14/10/13
​P/04 ​Development and content of the Aerodrome Manual - Jaime Calderón, OACI ​14/10/13
​P/05 ​Content of the Aerodrome Manual; Particulars of the aerodrome site - Norberto Cabrera, Cuba 14/10/13​
​P/06 ​Particulars of the aerodrome operating procedures and safety measures - Jorge Puquirre, El Salvador 15/10/13​
​​P/07 ​Aerodromes Information discussed at the ICAO Assembly - Jaime Calderon, ICAO 15/10/13​
​​P/08 ​Aeronautical studies, exemptions to the airport operator - Claudia Espinoza, DGAC México 15/10/13​
​​P/09 ​Notification and Wareness system on volcanic ashes for Aviation - Guillermo Vega, ICAO 15/10/13​
​​P/10 ​Obstacle evaluation - Carlos A. Escobar Vega, El Salvador ​15/10/13
​​P/11 ​Particulars of the aerodrome required to be reported to the AIS - Norberto Cabrera, Cuba ​15/10/13
​​P/12 ​Airport emergency plan - Norberto Cabrera, Cuba ​15/10/13
​​​P/13 ​Aerodrome movement area inspection - Jaime Calderón, ICAO ​16/10/13
​​​P/14 ​Aerodrome Administration issues and Safety management system - Norberto Cabrera, Cuba 16/10/13​
​​​P/15 ​State´s experience on aerodrome certification – Barbados - Kellmann Walcott, Barbados 16/10/13​
​​​P/16 ​Airport certification process, International Airport “Gral. Mariano Escobedo” - Carlos Cárdenas, Mexico 16/10/13​
​​​P/17 State´s experience on aerodrome certification – Dominican Republic - Francia Peña, Dominican Republic 16/10/13​
​​​P/18 ​State´s experience on aerodrome certification – Costa Rica - Jorge Andrés Parra, Costa Rica 16/10/13​
​P/19 ​Aerodrome Certification process experience – Airport Group GAP - Eduardo Contreras Mora - GAP 17/10/13​
​P/20 ​Case study – Obstacle Aeronautical study for an airport  - Julio Garriga – RO/TC ​1710/13
​​P/21 ​Aerodrome certification implementation in the CAR Region Survey Summary - Jaime Calderón ICAO 1810/13​
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