AIG Seminar 2013

ICAO Regional Accident/Incident Investigation Workshop for the NAM/CAR Regions

Mexico City, Mexico, 3 to 7 June 2013  


# Item ​Title ​Date Language
P/01--​State of Regional Safety (ICAO) 13/03/13
P/02 --​​Annex 13 - Guidance material – Regional Cooperation (ICAO) 03/06/13
P/03​​--​​About the NTSB- how they go about investigating (NTSB) 03/06/13
P/04​--​Safety at accident site  (NTSB)​ 03/06/13​
P/05​--​Human Factors - Investigation Checklist  (NTSB) 03/06/13​
P/06​--​Aerodynamic stalls at low altitude (NTSB)​ 03/06/13​
P/07​--​The BEA (BEA)​04/06/13​
P/08​--​Managing a large scale accident/incident investigation​ (BEA)04/06/13​
P/09​--​Engine and propeller investigation (NTSB)​04/06/13​
P/10​--​Conducting an Investigation (NTSB)​04/06/13​
P/11​--​US Response to International Accidents (NTSB)​04/06/13​
P/12​--​Investigation of accident involving helicopters (EUROCOPTER)​04/06/13​
P/14​--​The role of the manufacturer during aircraft accident/incident investigation​ (AIRBUS)05/06/13​​
P/15​--​International emergency response, crisis management & contingency planning (BLAKE EMERGENCY SERVICES)​05/06/13​​
P/16​--​Positive returns to involve aircraft manufacturer since “day-one” in investigation (EMBRAER)​05/06/13​​
P/17​--​Presentation by Mexico DGAC (MEXICO)​05/06/13​​
P/18​--​Presentation by local investigation authority​ (CENIPA)05/06/13​​
P/18​--​Presentation relating to regional accident investigation organization​ (COCESNA/ACSA)05/06/13​
P/20​--​Presentation by local airline safety (AEROMEXICO)​05/06/13​
P/21​​--Writing Final Reports (ICAO)​​ 07/06/13
P/22​--​Safety Presentations (ICAO)​​ 07/06/13​
P/23​--​Introduction to ADREP/ECCAIRS​ (ICAO)​ 07/06/13​
--​--NTSB- Investigator Toolbox (ICAO)​​ 07/06/13


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