E/CAR NTG/4 and E/CAR Radar Data Sharing Meetings

French Antilles, 17 to 18 June 2013


​Invitation Letter
​Registration Form
Group Photo​
Final Report​


Order of Business

# Item ​Title ​Date Language
OB/01 ​-- ​Order of Business No. 1 (Secretariat) 17/06/13
OB/02​ --​ Order of Business  No. 2 (Secretariat)​ 18/06/13​



Working Papers

# Item ​Title ​Date Language
WP/01 ​-- ​Draft Agenda and Schedule (E/CAR/NTG Rapporteur) 20/05/13
WP/02​ 1.1​ E/CAR/NTG conclusions and decisions follow - up, (E/CAR/NTG Rapporteur) ​ 11/06/13​
WP/03 ​​1 ​​Revision and Actions concerning E/CAR/WG/33 and E/CAR/DCA/24 Conclusions related to the ECAR AFS Network (Secretariat) 28/05/13
WP/04​ 1.3​ Twelfth air navigation conference (AN-CONF/12) recommendations, implementation of aviation system block upgrades (ASBUS) methodology and the new air navigation implementation working group (ANI/WG), (Secretariat)​ 11/06/13​
WP/05​ 2.1​ Network Performance analysis and general aspects, (Barbados) 18/06/13​
WP/06​ 2.1​ Analysis of Performance of the Network, (ECCAA) 12/06/13​
WP/07 ​​2.1 E/CAR AFS Network Performance on French West Indies (FWI), ​​(France) 24/05/13
WP/08​ 2.1​ Maintenance and Reporting Procedures, (Trinidad and Tobago​) 12/06/13​
WP/09​ 2.2​ Implementation of AMHS and AISS/Central FDP System, (Trinidad and Tobago​) 13/06/13​
WP/10 ​​2.3 ​​MEVA II-ECAR AFS Network Interconnection Activities (MEVA TMG Coordinator) 22/05/13
WP/11​ 4​ E/CAR/NTG future meetings and update to TOR, (Secretariat) 11/06/13​
WP/12 ​3.1 ​Radar Data Agreement and Teleconference Follow-Up (Secretariat) 28/05/13
WP/13​ 3.3​ Radar Display Trial Results, (France)​ 13/06/13​
WP/14​ 3.2​ Operational requirements review for radar display use, (ECCAA) 11/06/13​
​WP/15 3.4​ Implementation of Radar Data Sharing Tasks (Secretariat) 28/05/13
WP/16 3.3​ Analysis of radar coverage in Grenada and Saint Vincent, (Trinidad and Tobago​)

Information Papers 

# Item ​Title ​Date Language
IP/01 --​ List of Working, Information and Discussion Papers and Presentations (Secretariat) 13/06/13
IP/02​ 2.3​ Participation in MEVA III RFI Process (Secretariat) 13/06/13
IP/03​ 2.3​ Implementation of AMHS Circuit PIARCO- Atlanta 13/06/13

Discussion Papers 

# Item ​Title ​Date Language
DP/01 3.1​ Radar Data Agreement and Teleconference Follow-Up (Rapporteur) 13/06/13



# Item ​Title ​Date Language
P/01 2.1​ Fourth Eastern Caribbean Network Technical Group Meeting Rev. 1, (TSTT) 13/06/13



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