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Supporting Material

ICAO Applications (fillable)

ICAO Fillable Applications are especially useful as they can be uploaded to a State's website for online completion by operators. One of the forms, Application for U-AID Authorization, is for U-AID operations and provides a comprehensive CONOPS once completed. The second form, Expedited Authorization for Urgent UAS Operations, is for urgent requests seeking an expedited approval. 

Advisory Circular 102-37

Advisory Circular 102-37 was developed by a working group of the Dangerous Goods Panel and focuses on the carriage of dangerous goods on board UA. The basis for this AC is intended for circumstances when the full provisions of the Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air (Doc 9284) are not appropriate or necessary, due to the nature of the UA operation.

Safety Managment Systems (SMS) for UAS Operators

SMS is as important for small organizations as it is for large complex organizations. By developing an SMS program at the outset, UAS Operators will be able to expand SMS as the organization grows. While the principles of SMS are the same, there are no templates to follow because each program  is specific to the UAS operator. The safety management information that is provided in this section serves as an example that UAS operators may wish to review, as they formulate their unique safety program.

​U-AID UA Operations With Short Lead Time

U-AID UA Operations with Short Lead Time, a decision tree including considerations for urgent operations.

U-AID Societal Interactions - Long Term

U-AID Societal Interactions – Long Term, is a decision tree that includes societal considerations when planning ongoing UA operations. It encompasses those elements that should be considered regarding the entire community, from the outset.

UA Accident Reporting Form
UA Accident Reporting Form is a generic form States can download and modify for use. The form can be made available for operators to submit accident reports via mail or online.

​APAC Regional UAS Guidance

APAC Regional UAS Guidance was developed to manage UAS that were creating the highest risk and greatest urgency for Asia/Pacific States. It provides background information and principles and regulatory considerations for the development of State regulations. It also provides guidance for the safe operation of UAS within national airspace.

​World Food Programme (WFP)

UN WFP has great breadth in the humanitarian arena. Their experience and fortitude for collaboration with organizations and stakeholders have great impact. Incorporation of UAS as a logistical tool is no exception. Click to view the work of WFP.


GlobalMedic manages many non-emergency and capacity building programs, yet the majority of their work is critical intervention in the wake of disaster and crisis. They have made available their eighteen page Mission Planning document that includes all facets of a proposed operation including a risk assessment. The second document made available is their three-page Field Documentation Form to record details about the site of the operation, mapping and flight records, and data collection and reporting protocols for the organization.

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